It's a good Sunday. I'm up early to pick my winners!

Already decided on the winner for the Botanicals Fresh Care Set. I thought it was hard to make a choice until I scrolled to the animal facts comments.. 😂 Gonna be having an even more difficult time.

Okay so here's the Botanicals winner…… ✨

Congratulations to @highlite! For telling me your hair woes + lovely love story! 😌❤️ Awww hehe. Reminds me of the time when ZL blew dry my hair for me.

Leave me your email address so that I can get your mailing details please! 🎉

Am having a whole lot of fun reading through the animal facts… If you're free, it's a good way to spend a couple of hours!

Some of them got me going "are you for real??!!" Hahahaha. I'm reading them out loud to entertain both ZL and myself. 😂 Gonna shortlist a few and get him to help me with picking later!

We're cleaning the house now so… It's gonna take a while. Ciao for now, talk to you guys laterz!

Sorry for the MIA guys, Sunday was really good. Every weekend has been good but this weekend was exceptionally lovely.

More on that later.. But first, let me get back to you guys on the winners for my giveaway! 😉

Set A goes to @littlegreenmen!

I always thought that flamingoes are born pink! 💕 Hahaha. How interesting if human beings can change our skin colours accordingly to the kind of food we eat. 😂

I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!! Some sharks and certain species of fish need to swim constantly so that they can pump oxygen through their gills, otherwise they drown…?!!

So tiring to be a fish. 😮 Can you imagine having to move even while you sleep??

Congrats @reingina for winning Set B and thanks for contributing this JAW dropping fact hehe. 🦈

And the winner of Set C goes to @wwcww! Actually quite a few of you commented with this superrrrr adorable 🐧 fact but ZL says he saw his name in your comment so… letting you win! 💕👌🏻

My favourite kind of ring is onion ring btw. Hahaha. 😂😂

Thanks everyone for being so spontaneous and really take the effort to go find animal facts to participate!! 😌🙌🏻 You guys are awesome and such good sports.

There are some more really cool facts other than those I picked as winners actually. Go read!!

Also… More giveaways to come so don't fret if you didn't win anything this time round! 👌🏻 I have some Mamonde Cushions to give away as well… Coming up soon ok? 😉

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