Saturday wheeeeee

Does anyone else get all happy about heading out cause you're excited to wear this particular outfit???


NEW PANTS YAY. #TTR of course. 😇

Managed to grab @jessaiee to help me take some shots before I left the house just now. More photos laterz!

At Wild Honey for brunch with my friend now and the queue is unbelievably long. The last time I remember, their food ain't that great and it's also not very affordable….? WHY SO MANY PEOPLE UGH.

Sacha & Sons right beside Wild Honey looks great too… And no queue. Anyone tried that before? Would you recommend it? 🤔

We settled for Wild Honey cause we got seats just as my friend arrived.

But honestly, my impression of it remains. Food's not thaaaat great, pricey (my kale caesar salad was frigging $28!!!) and too crowded.

We were completely lucky to have gotten seats near the window.

Guess it's gonna be a long time before I return again, if I even return at all. 😐

Finally home and here's my brunch outfit #ootd! 😌

I never thought of myself as a pants kinda girl but ever since Bondi Flowy Pants, I'm a convert.

I really like it when the hem is flare/wide cause it makes my chunky ankles look skinny. Hehe.

This pair here has side slits on the lower end so it adds a bit of interest!

Really like that the colour is so unique as well.

Kept black too cause black is #basic and #classic, amirite??? 😉

Already stocked in at Gateway if any of you wants to try the fit.



On a random note, the sunsets recently are seriously mindblowing. 😍

This post is all over the place but before I forget… This cute gingham mini dress is going up tomorrow as well! #thetinselrack

That cute little flare at the sleeves tho! 😍

Already saved the photos from FB so I figured might as well post it.. The awesome pants in Black! 🖤

And this nice taupey shade. 🤗

Cya at the launch tonight!! 👋🏻

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