Selling my cameras!

As promised, am back with my camera selling post!

I thought long and hard about whether I really am okay with parting with them.

But I have come to the conclusion that one person does not need 5 different cameras. ☝🏻😐

Sony RX100 Mark II 📷

This is one of my most under-utilised camera, ever. I could count with my two hands the number of times I've brought it out.

Why did it take me so long to sell?

I do not know. Don't ask me.


If you ask me, this is in GREAAAAT condition. But has a couple of scratches in front as you can see from the photo above. No scratches on the screen tho, cause the first thing I do after I get my cameras is to slap on a screen protector.

What I like about this camera:

✔️ Has wifi function so I can transfer my photos onto the phone immediately!!

✔️ screen is big

✔️ superrrrr compact and nifty (my smallest camera!) and can fit into clutches, perfect for people who don't wanna lug around heavy cameras esp while travelling

I trust that you'll do your own research so am not gonna blabber on about camera specs in case you get bored of me hahahaha.

It's slightly dusty BUT I'll clean it before I pass it on!

Honestly haven't fiddled around enough with this camera but I think it's time to let it go. I've held onto it for too long.

"It's not you, it's me."


It's really lightweight, and I would say, an awesome starter camera.

Selling for $300.

Personally think it's a great deal cause I've done my research on pricing (on Carousell HAHAH) and it's one of the lowest prices around already.

I just want it to go to someone who'll better appreciate it than me!

I still have the original box, charger and will include an 8GB memory card.

Drop me an email at if keen. 👋🏻

Decided to show some photos I just took with the Sony RX100 Mark II. Just seconds ago to make sure that it's still working perfectly.

Straight from the cam!

Not too bad I would say! Would look tons better if you touch up and edit on these.

No editing done to these photos, btw.

Currently pending!

Now, this one I'm still uncertain if I really have the heart to let go because I really, really love Olympus as a camera brand. 💛

Upgraded from my old EP3 to this and it's been serving me well on my travels and for daily ootds.

Much more convenient than my DSLR too, due to it's size. Def not as compact as the Sony RX100 but good enough!

Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark II 📷

I've spent quite a bit on this because of the lenses I got for it!

So I'm not really sure if it's worth it to let go or if anyone would be willing to pay for those lenses like I did. Foreseeing that I would have difficulties finding a buyer for these but if nobody wants them I'll happily keep them! 😌

I have 3 lenses for this camera and I intend to let them go as a set.

My happy Olympus family. Hoping that I don't have to break them up!

Will remove the brown leather strap cause it's imprinted with my name hur hur. 🌚

This particular set of lenses are great when it comes to travel. I know because I bought them. Hahaha.

The 17mm f1.8 is great for everyday photos, street captures, selfies, food.

The 7-14mm f2.8 is awesome for landscapes and scenery.

The 40-150mm f5.6 is the perfect zoom lens.

I used to have the 45mm but it got damaged. ☹️☹️☹️

The retro looking design of Olympus cameras really have my heart. 💛

The handling is pretty intuitive and similar to Canon's.

What I like about this camera:

✔️ Wifi function 🌚 seems like it's a pre-requisite for the cameras I own LOLLLLL

✔️ has a flip screen!!!!!

✔️ design is ace

✔️ interchangeable lens according to your photography needs

✔️ easy handling

✔️ image quality comparable to DSLR despite it being a micro four third

✔️ size perfect for travelling and everyday use

Oh and also, I have 3 batteries for this (excessive I know, but I lazy to charge batteries esp while travelling!!). 😂

Selling the lenses is bittersweet cause they travelled with me to good places.

South Africa was one of them!

You can see the photos I took with them (but using my EP3) by browsing #joycesayshellojohannesburg on IG.


Captured the animals with the 40-150mm zoom lens (thank god for zoom lens!!), the landscape and interior with the wide angle 7-14mm.

Wide angle makes all the difference.

Also on wide angle!


Would have missed out on so many animal shots if not for my zoom lens!

Still one of my fav photos till date.

Lazy cats.

I bought the OM-D right before my first hol trip with ZL to Hong Kong..

This was shot by the wide angle lens.

Really a good investment if you travel often, or like taking photos of landscapes.

Taken with my trusty 17mm f1.8 lens.

It's my default lens whenever I use the Olympus!

Also been with me to Croatia!

This camera is well travelled hahaha.


17mm's great for flatlays too!

The 17mm lens I got for $748. Camera body I bought for $1300!

40-150mm lens was purchased for $548.

And the 7-14mm lens cost me a whooping $1.8k!

Which is honestly more expensive than the camera itself. LOL.

So I really am finding it hard to put a price to all of them, altogether. How!! 😩😩😩

Okay just let me ponder over it for a while before I name my price. Don't want it to be ridiculous also. I have some of you contacting me about the body/lens/body+lenses already.

Give me a while to reply ok! 👋🏻

I wouldn't mind keeping the wide angle BUT I can't mount it on my remaining cameras. ;(

Letting go for $2.8k, but open to negotiations!

Drop me an email if you haven't been scared off by the price. 😂

I gotten several emails already but none of them is aware of my asking price yet LOLLLL.

I'm also good with keeping this set if nobody is keen so… We'll see!

Currently pending!

Selling my cameras aside, I was planning for TTR's 11/11 sale and am legit excited for it to happen! Hehe. Gonna have greeeaaat deals for both SG and MY site so stay close, you guys!

You heard it here first. 😉

And oh wow.

Thanks for the response guys!! Both my cameras are pending at the moment!

You can still drop me emails if keen tho, in cases any deals fall through.

Really wanna update about my life of late but I did a quick scroll through my camera roll and hmmmm nothing much leh hahahaha 😂

Life outside of work has been very chill and laidback and I haven't been taking much photos.

But life's good. 🙂

My dinner dates for tonight, @sandydandy @missgoob 💛💛

Had dinner at Montana and it brought back so many memories of TTR's very first pop up store!

We've come a long way since Nov 2015. 😌

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