Collection preview and KL GRAND OPENING ✨

From IG stories – I guess somepawdy needs a shower… 🐶💦

It's been a long drawn and exhausting week on all fronts and we're ending it with a work trip to KL this weekend. Whee.

But okay la seriously am quite excited for the trip cause IT'S GONNA BE OUR OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING EVENT this weekend!


Will share more about the opening later in my post heheh.

Met ZL for a quick dinner in town after dropping off new stocks at Gateway and I was badly craving for YTF so I dragged him to the Ion food court with me.

I used to love unhealthy food but now my body prefers healthy food. LOL. 😂 I rather have this over fast food most days!!

#signofoldage 👵🏻

Although… He made me share a peanut butter waffle with him post dinner.

I agreed because 1) WHO SAYS NO TO PEANUT BUTTER???? Nobody, that is. 2) food taste x19489392 better when shared 💑

So okay lor. Don't let him fat alone. Hahaha. At least I managed to stop him from ordering more food on top of the waffle.

Lollll saw this today (customer tagged us on her ig story) and can I just say – I really love it when customers appreciate the little nuances we put into our packaging and when they notice the small details??!! :')

I haven't been sharing much about my new beauty finds or products which I've been enjoying recently. Not that there aren't any. There are tons!!

But somehow I just can't seem to find time to photograph them or form my thoughts into coherent sentences. 😩😩😩

Yaaaa will get on top of it once I get the KL grand opening out of the way!

Just wanna give this some air time though I really wanna sit down and type long chunks of words to rave about it when I can…

This L'Occitane Immortelle Divine Youth Oil is working marvellously well on me. I put 2 drops of this at night right before my serums and essences (yes you're supposed to even tho it defies beauty oil rules) and I wake up with ridiculously hydrated and plump and happy skin. 💛


Just did some candle shopping! 🕯

Already using the Lavender one so it's a re-purchase. Can't wait to try Geranium cause it's a scent I'm pretty into lately.

Candles put me in a slightly relaxed mood before I turn in for the night. 😌

Okay shit haha I'm getting carried away here, need to sleep for realz cause tomorrow is another loooooong day and then we're flying off early Friday morning.

Here's a dose of positivity to start the day! 💪🏻


Backorder for this is uppppppp!🎈

Together with black. Which I wore out yesterday. Hehe. 😌

My workspace is as messy as my life rn. 😂😂😂 After this shot I went to clear all the cloths lying around on my floor.

Today's dilemma – should I keep this draped front dress???

Every single Ascend launch has got me vexed. I really wanna keep the pieces because of how well they fit BUT I hardly have any occasions or locations to wear them to!

And yep Ascend launch coming right up this Sunday. Will show the designs in a bit. 👌🏻

Another dilemma – keep white or black or olive????


We didn't ask for the factory to attach the button at the front flaps but we tagged thread + button to the label of this dress because the soft drapes will fall different on different body shapes. So it would be better if you sew it on yourself according to how low you want the front to be.

#thetinselrack #TTR

Currently tying strings on gift tags for the influencers we've invited for our grand opening in KL. 💕👌🏻

Love doing all these handicraft-y stuff!!

Oooooh early bird for $95 only!!!! Should I???


Black is nice tooooooooo. 🌚

And olive?????? UGHHHH DECISIONS.

Times like these I wish I work in an office environment. At least I'll get to wear them. Haha.

The only times my work pieces come in handy are when I head out for meetings/formal events which are less than once a month. 😂 Not even once every two months, come to think of it!

Stole some time for lunch outside today and took the chance to wear an upcoming dress from this Sunday's collection!


Wearing this dress again brings back memories because the first time I wore this dress, I was on stage speaking to huge foreign crowd. 😂😂 吓死宝宝了

The best thing was, I had no clue that I was supposed to be on stage, speaking into the mic, in front of so many people. NOBODY TOLD ME. I had slides prepared but I thought it was in a small enclosed room.


The organiser told me I was to prepare slides on TTR. Nothing mentioned about "opportunities in Asian market".

I had to do a quick google and grabbed some statistics on retail and online shopping in Singapore so that my presentation SOMEWHAT adhered to the topic.

Public speaking is really the bane of my life.

But hey at least I felt confident in my dress. If I didn't sound the part, at least I look the part? Hahahaha.

That makes this a very memorable dress indeed. 🙃

Having a few weddings coming up so I'm sure I'll get to wear this out again!

Idk why but I'm especially drawn to black dresses recently. ☺️ They look so classy!

There's also pink! I am lovinggggg the halter neckline. 💕

Just posted a giveaway for a limited edition TTR goodie bag on the TTR.MY instagram!

Comment and stand a chance to win these before our grand opening in KL this weekend. 😉

Sorry but giveaway is only for Malaysian residents this time round.


I'll be doing a few sets to give away on my Dayre cause the last time we did a giveaway for the TTR mirror, measuring tape and tote bag was during our opening for Citylink store.

I'm sure some of you haven't had the chance to own those items yet!

Will probably hold the giveaway after I'm back from the grand opening. 😉

We did the measuring tapes in black this time round cause I thought a change would be nice.. 😍 IT TURNED OUT SO PRETTY.

Our grand opening promotion – 50% off every second piece purchased, storewide! 💕

This is gonna run between 28 Oct to 3 Nov, so don't fret if you can't make it down this weekend.

Just did a quick check for my flight timing tomorrow and realised…


Tried to book twice from Jetstar last Friday but the payment gateway crashed on me so I thought I'll wait for a few hours before booking again.

After which, I went about with work and totally forgot about the tickets thinking that my booking was done already.


10 minutes ago when I checked, our flights were sold out already FML. But thankfully, I managed to get (expensive) tickets from Scoot so we're still flying!! And at better timings!! ✨

Planning my outfits for the grand opening now.

Such times I'm glad I keep dressy pieces even though I don't wear them as much day to day. LOL. 🙃

Decided on the Harlyn Cross Back Dress for Day 1! I even have the exact same earrings to match. Heh.

I didn't keep this dress during the launch and it got sold out!! 😰 But we took out some pieces for KL and they still have it in size S! Lucky me. ☺️

Day 2 shall be either this Gaia Jumpsuit in Plum which I wore once for a book interview, or…

This Drey Crochet Bralet matched with…

I'm sure you've guessed it already – Bondi Pants!!!!!! 🌚

Now that the important bit of packing is out of the way, I'm gonna finish packing the other not so important and dreary bits like travel adaptors etc. 😩

Lavender, always. 💜 Just done packing except I still need to hunt for a pair of shoes + place my sunblock into my luggage tomorrow before I leave the house. NTS.

Goodnight all!!

May tomorrow be a good day for all. 🙂

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