So… Someone made a surprise appearance on my doorstep earlier. 😍

I think I probably took some unclean food yesterday/today and my stomach started acting up since this evening.

Was texting him about it over our nightly texts and also over Facetime. He said he was gonna turn in early and didn't reply my texts after a while, so I thought he was sleeping already.

The next thing I know…


Totally wasn't expecting him come over because he just got home earlier today after going through a long 6-7 hour bus ride from KL back to SG by himself, from TTR's grand opening. I booked my flight tickets earlier and he decided to take the bus instead.

He rode over in the rain just to pass me these – charcoal pills for the tummy, paracetamol for pain and lozenges for idk what but he says just in case.

I was in a mixture of shock + pain lolllll totally didn't know how to react when I saw he standing outside my door when I flung it open. 😭 But inside super touched…!!!!

He also stayed for a couple of hours and ended up finishing the dinner which I didn't get around to eat. 😂

And also gave me belly rubs hoping to make the pain subside.

Pain is still here after taking the charcoal pill but my heart is so, so overwhelmed in the best way possible. I told him he's my knight on shining black bike. LOL.

So reluctant to chase him off but he has work tomorrow.


Right now I'm just in bed moaning in pain to myself (yaaaa it's really bad cause my pain tolerance is pretty good). Just wanted to jot this down cause I'm so touched and thankful sobs. :'((


Just saw this and had to paste it here. 😂

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