11/11 TTR highlights + mango sticky rice adventures

Back to work today and the blues are real. 😢😢😢

I'm even dressed to reflect the mood in an all blue outfit. Denim shirt, denim shorts and denim slip ons.

Am slightly late (HAHA) but if you're not yet aware of it, we have a huge 11/11 sale going on over at #TTR!

$11 off EVERY PIECE when you shop from a special category of items we picked out just for Singles' Day.


Super awesome savings there!! They are all regular priced items and the discount is only applicable till the end of today. After today they will revert back to original prices!

The discount is automatically applied at checkout!

To access the sale, you can either click on 11.11 sale from our main menu, or click on the 11.11 banner on our home page. 😉


For those of you feeling the Monday blues just like me, at least you have an outlet. GO SHOP!

There are over 100 items for you to browse through, not bad eh? 😇

Meanwhile, I'm gonna bury myself in work to stop myself from missing my vacation too much.


Some of my picks from the sale cat – Hallie Eyelet Romper (all colours are on sale!)

This Kayla Peplum Top but in Light Pink!

Kimm Lace Top which I haven't gotten around to wearing (but I will, soon!! It's so pretty 😍) is going for $20.90 after $11 off.

This is work appropriate too, I think!

We have a good selection of Ascend pieces included in the sale as well.

The Feyre Ruffles Top in White, for example. ☺️

The Ana Lace Hem Midi Skirt is also a good buy for this sale!!

Psst, there are some sale items in the 11/11 section and after discount, prices go as low as $8.90! 😮

I also made sure to include some of my favs in the 11/11 sale!

Like the Diya Pleated Dress in Sienna. 👌🏻

And the Mora Toga Top!!

One of my fav TTR tops everrrrr. I've not stopped wearing this since I kept this for myself. Hehe.

Also on sale!

Remember Cinderella, you have until 11.59pm tonight okay!


We are also having a separate 11/11 promo for our Malaysian shoppers! 🙌🏻

Storewide 11% off every piece purchased, 22% off every 2 and more pieces purchased!

Both online and offline till 17 Nov~ ☺️👌🏻

Today's work day ended but I only managed to check off half the items off my to-do list. Grrr.

Need my work momentum back but I can't stop thinking back on vacay days. 😢 Sigh sigh. Post holiday withdrawals so real yo.

May my next vacation come soon. 🙏🏻

When we were in Chiang Mai/Pai, we had mango sticky rice EVERY SINGLE DAY. 😂

The moment we landed in Chiang Mai airport, we got ourselves one already. After every dinner, either my mango sticky rice lover or I would go "mango sticky rice?" Hahaha. Go fat or go home was our mantra when it came to our fav Thai dessert.


Can't really bring myself to dayre about the trip yet because I feel so sad that I'm here not there. 😟

The one we got from the airport and had to do a takeaway because our uber arrived earlier than expected.

Ate this multi-colour mango sticky rice on an ironing board 😂 in our room because we wanted to sit on the bed but needed a surface to place it on.

We ordered this mango sticky rice from an open air food night market with really nice ambience and it started to rain.

So we ran away, seeking shelter in a building nearby and had this one while sitting on some random steps. I also had a takeaway plastic cup of sangria which only cost $6. 😌

Our most memorable mango sticky rice; we had it under this sky of stars.

It was dark all around and the air was a pleasantly cool 22 deg C. It was the only night the stars came out to play because every night the sky was so cloudy. I had already given up on stargazing but they appeared. On our last night!

The only thing better than all these was the company of the one sitting right beside me.

It was a great night (and an even greater week) spent with my mango sticky rice lover. ❤️

Another one of the night sky on that miraculous night. Miraculous because we saw a shooting star each. I saw one first, while he wasn't looking in the same direction as I was. And then! He also caught one while I wasn't looking.

But they disappeared from sight far too quickly for us to react, much less make any wishes LOL. 😮💫

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