Planning for 2018 / Keeping up with 2017

Can’t believe we’re almost at the final month of 2017.

I’m already penning down plans for work in my 2018 planner.

Speaking of which, how cute is this terrazzo print blush planner from The Paper Bunny!!

I bought their 2017 planner and it has served me really well for the whole of this year. I couldn’t have survived half the year without it. Somehow, plans only feel more concrete upon writing them down? 😂 iCal just doesn’t cut it for me.

The first thing I do when I get my new planner for the upcoming year is to copy over the birthdays of my loved ones!

I used to be really good at remembering birthdays when I was younger.

But now… Memory storage limited la. Haha.


Too fast.

Am already planning out the CNY launches for Jan/Feb. Gonna be full steam ahead for the coming months!!


This reminds me of the super pretty planners which St Nicks used to have when I was in secondary school. They had cute stickers too!! That was when I cultivated the habit of using organisers.

Nowadays, I feel so insecure about making plans when I don’t have my planner with me physically. 😶

A side by side comparison of my regular size 2017 and compact size 2018. ☺️

While planning out the CNY launches, I was also staring at the week of break I get after CNY.

Thinking of another short getaway but no idea where yet!

ZL says we’ll discuss again this weekend. Whoop whoop can’t wait. 😌💕

Was scrolling through my camera roll and it turns out I have quite a bit of backlog I have yet to share. Hahaha. Probably gonna dump them here all in one post cause I don’t wanna drag them till 2018. Or worse yet, never ever let them see the light of the day.

Most of them are completely random now that the moment to write about them has passed, but I’ll just post them for my memory’s sake.


TTR MY’s grand opening event 🎉

I know, I know.

That was almost a month ago. Hahaha. I’m horrible at keeping up.

All ready for the grand opening!

So glad that our stickers + marble counter tops + mannequin stands were all in by then! Just in time for the big day. 🙂

@jongsy and I went over a day before to settle the deco and goodie bags together with Auds before the grand opening.

I love packing goodie bags!!!

Can’t remember if I did post it here already but will you just check out that marble finish. 😍 So tempted to do the same for our Gateway store!!

We might really do since we have leftover stickers. Heh. Will see.

We had to redo the TTR logo because the printing company printed the wrong size the first time round.

👆🏻 only 12cm in diameter 像话吗

We asked for 70cm in diameter leh!! 😦

Sorry for all my dark and non filtered photos hahahah can’t be bothered to edit them only now.

Anyways. I checked into a hotel for that couple of days instead of staying at the apartment with the girls because ZL came over for the opening too!

I stepped into the hotel lobby and my expectations of the room sank to zero but the room was pleasantly nice! And modern! And looked like what was on the Agoda website! 🎉

The room looked really cosy. Like someone’s home!! 🙂

I really dislike old hotels with dim and orangey lighting, carpets and obiang decor because they can be really creepy. And I was gonna be staying there alone for the first night so I was overjoyed when I stepped into this clean room with some level of aesthetics LOL.

The vanity area is so nice with the black glass + dark brown wooden laminates.

Plus points for their their powerful hairdryer and power sockets at the vanity area. 👌🏻

You may be surprised but not all hotels have be common sense to place power sockets at convenient and necessary points! Some hotels don’t even have sockets at the bedside. HOW CAN. 🤦🏻‍♀️

ZL arrived at the hotel in the middle of the night so we got to wake up together in the morning before setting off to the store. I was half asleep when he got in but was so happy to see him. ☺️

Wore the Harlyn Cross Back Dress and it’s so so so flattering!!

Didn’t even think of keeping this dress when it first launched.

All colours are now sold out on site BUT we’re opening backorders for them today. 😌👌🏻

It makes for a really nice occasion dress!

Jo and I completely forgot to bring appropriate footwear for the grand opening and had to pop over to C&K (they’re EVERYWHERE I swear) to get heels the day before.

These heels looked so good but they’re absolutely MURDER. 🔪 My feet were never in that much pain before.

I think I’ll stick to my Aldo heels from now on and forever tyvm. 😂

Last minute errand – getting balloons for the store to make it look more festive.

We wanted to get the letter balloons for TTR and we checked TWICE with the balloon store the day before and they confidently told us they have all the letters.

Right before making payment, they went to get the stocks and after 10 minutes of rummaging, they told us they only had two letter Ts. 😡 What a complete waste of time. Then they took another 20 minutes to blow up 20 white and black balloons for us.

Well done.


Beautiful flower stand from our buddies at Refash. They helped us so much with the store, it’s impossible to open without them!

Another lovely one from our friends at The Showcase!


And also received a delivery of the loveliest dried bouquet from my friend Sharon! 😍 It smells so good and is still sitting on my office windowsill now.

Totally wasn’t expecting anything at all cause our opening this time round was all the way in KL, miles away from SG.

Also very thankful for all my friends who dropped me a congratulatory message or left me a comment! 💕

With Jo and Auds 🤗🤗

The store was up and running smoothly only because of them! The teething stage is always tricky and issues are always tedious to deal with but thank god for both of them. ❤️

After day 1 ended, ZL and I went over to Jalan Alor for dinner!

It was so crowded and smoky. 😧 And the food was really alright only but I was happy cause I got my penang kway teow! ☺️

Day 2 we had special VIPS!!

Lol 😂😂 2 crazy girls. They came straight from the airport!


Day 2 with my core team + @jessaiee! 😘

Had a very fun opening with all of them around!!

We also met with some potential partners to work with and hosted some MY influencers. Super packed schedules for that two days we were in KL.

It hasn’t been the easiest journey trying to establish our brand in a new country and we’re still learning every day.

Each order we get on the website/each follower we get on social media/each returning customer we get is a small triumph to the team!

May we continuing accumulating all these small wins along the way! 💪🏻

The highlight of the grand opening week is actually this – cheesecake soft serve from Family Mart.

Hahahahah. I kid.

But this is legit mindblowingly good. If I had no self control, I would have gotten another one right after I finished this. 😂 I hope it’s still available when I go back to KL in Dec!!!!! 🙏🏻

Family Mart Y U NO COME SG?????

I’m no cheesecake fanatic but THIS WAS SO GOOD. So good.

We wanted to get another one at the airport before we fly back but was too full cause we had Issac Toast.

YAAAAS. Issac Toast!! In KLIA2!

I can’t remember but I think I got the ham & cheese special..?

It was very special indeed!!

I was initially a skeptic but now I’m a convert. Woohoo. Posting about these is making me excited for my KL trip.


Okay interrupting the updates for PSA:

Backorders now opened for these items!!

Backorders opened for these too! 🙂

And the Nixon Flare Tops!

I wanted to bring the black on my work trip but guess what? The temp there is 13-18 deg C now. 😂

Time to bring out my knit wear!!! ⛄️

Wore the Nixon Flare Top out last Friday and I managed to stain it by dropping chocolate cake on it. I’m always staining my white tops ughhh.

Finally got to wear out my cute trumpet (???) jeans from New Look! ZL couldn’t stop making fun of it but I really loveeeee it. Hahaha. Never a jeans kinda girl but I’m obsessed. My current fav pair of jeans!! 😍


I think I’ll be wearing this combi very often!

#thetinselrack #TTR


While scrolling through my feed I realised that I completely missed out on posting Xiaobai’s 10th birthday party!!

Was gonna dayre about it but somehow it slipped off the dayre cause the past few months were crazy. Had so much on my plate.

But anyhoo.

It was a party for just 6 humans and 1 lil doggo. Don’t ask me what I made this invite for. 😂 We even had a group chat which was completely useless cause only the sisters and I were really active.

The boyfriends were just in the group chat for…. NOTHING. 🙃

Not like we expected more of them la, honestly. Hahaha.

Decided to hold xb’s birthday picnic at Bishan Park since it’s near our place and the little granny (10 human years = 70 dog years!!) doesn’t like to be out for long.

The weather forecast was rainy that day but somehow the dark clouds cleared up as we approached the time of the picnic!

The boyfriends each had a function to make up for not contributing to the planning.

Ben was the designated driver for us all, Aaron was the chef who prepared food for the picnic, and ZL was the appointed photographer hahahahha. 😂

I had the good foresight to buy a cheap picnic mat which looks absolutely cute on photos from SKP a few months back, when there was no picnic planned. HAHA.

And a bunch of my friends gave me a filled picnic basket for my birthday this year!

So we didn’t have to buy anything for the setup. 😂 We only had to settle the food!

I baked peanut butter banana cupcakes while Aaron made guac and sandwiches.


Poor baby. Can see cannot eat.

And oooooh, there was salsa too! YUMMM. 😋

Cupcake also cannot eat.

But we bought dogcakes for her!! How can she not have cake on her birthday right?? Unfortunately the colouring on her icing was so strong that she ended up with a bright blue tongue for a while. We did try removing the icing but some of it still got onto her mouth and tongue. 😓

Scavenging for bits which fell onto the picnic mat. 😂😂😂

Jess bought a tiny little heart balloon as a prop hehe! ❤️

And of course we brought the camera out to get some pretty shots!! It’s not every day we all get together for a fun day out and it’s not every day our lil baby turns 10. ☺️

Everybody’s favourite.

Our boyfriends are all pretty different in terms of personalities but they have one thing in common – they all love xiaobai so much and the first thing they do when they come over to our place is to cuddle/play with her.

Our outfit theme that day – white + eyelet embroidery!

All from #TTR except xb cause she was born with hers. 😂

Obviously the boys couldn’t be bothered cause #themendontgetit but we get it can liao. Hahaha.

It was a great day out with my loves.

I’ve had so many good days in 2017 but that day definitely made top 3. 🤗

To more days like this!


Yay finally cleared the picnic off my to-dayre-list!

Next up would be…. Chiang Mai.

Hahahaha. The amount of photos we took were insane. Idek where to start HALPPPP.

But I’ll be saying goodbye for now. My dad wants to go watch the new ABTM movie so we’re heading out in a bit! 👋🏻

My fav kind of dinner other than homecooked meals. 🙆🏻‍♀️

I’m having this practically every week since the start of this year. Still not sian. I even had it after my food poisoning episode two weeks back. 🙊 So glad ZL likes this as much as I do so I can have this even more often!

I usually go for the salad but the Raffles City outlet doesn’t offer that option. 😦

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