What IG used to be like.. 💭

On most (good) days, I wake up feeling thankful for everything and everyone I have in my life. 😌

Trying to make this a daily thing!

Swung by the nursery to grab some plants for sprucing up the store and saw these fresh Christmas trees. Such a cute and festive sight. ☺️


Abtm4 was 4/5 bad. Lack of a compelling storyline aside, the rampant and very blatant product placement was a HUGE turn off. Like every 10 minutes leh omg. 🙄

I liked the previous abtm movies but this was pretty horrific. But owell. My dad enjoyed it and that’s all that matters I guess. Heh.

Gonna revamp the store abit before CNY comes around.. This is a start! ☺️

Getting ready for our last work trip of the year 💪🏻

Really need the focus for the next few months leading up to CNY.

May all our hustling pay off and may my CNY break come soon!! 😂

These Korean strawberries are so so so nice and sweet. Not overly tart, just the way I like them.

Fuelling up on the vitamins before jetting off for work trip. My diet always goes to shit whenever I travel. 😪 It’s so hard to eat healthy overseas!

Was doing some housekeeping on my IG a few days back and I spotted this… Immediately shot this to @jazreeltan. Apparently I’ve been receiving hand drawn cards from her since 2012 LOL. 五年了! Gosh I feel old now.

Neither of us remembered this and I’m upset cause I don’t think I kept this 😟 but thank god for my un-curated ig posts in the past which allows this memory to remain. ☺️

My IG used to be filled with random updates. I even posted a photo of Mcdonald’s curry sauce??! Like what even… 😂

As I was scrolling through (all 4000+ of them!!) I also saw a lot of behind the scenes of TTR’s outdoor shoots. We used to do outdoor shoots EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. While I was in uni!! No wonder I sucked as a student. Haha.

Now that I think back, it’s absolute madness.

All that hard work – perspiring under the hot sun, countless of early 7am mornings, visiting the local wholesalers twice a week, lugging bags and bags of parcels to Singpost, spamming missed calls to our then models Mel and DX every time we have Sat morning shoots, writing the names and addresses on parcels manually, manually invoicing the orders left on livejournal.

What a journey.



Life is definitely much easier for us now that we have a team backing us up in terms of operations and an office with a photo studio.

But we also have so much more responsibilities now that the business has scaled upwards.

8 years on and we’re still having so much to learn each day.

We can never go back to revisit those bittersweet memories.

But I’m glad that at a point of time, my IG was more than just pretty photos of outfits and food and travels, so that I get to look back on them and feel nostalgic about it. Hahaha.

As my followers grew and trends change, my IG became a lot less personal.

Nowadays I only spam all my rubbish and ugly photos on my private IG. 😂😂 my poor friends gotta put up with them. LOLOL.

And hey, there’s always Dayre. 😌❤️

Alrighty at the airport! Ciaos!

We’re at the airport three hours before our flight so that we can grab a $5 uber ride to the airport. #win 🏆

I used to loveeeee Itacho and visit it almost every week but now I only go to the T3 outlet cause it doesn’t have all that “download our app to order else you can’t dine here” crap. 😒

I wonder what these cola chips taste like!! Didn’t buy them in the end, I got my Snyder’s Jalapeno!

Clearing my camera roll right now cause we have one hour to waste before boarding, and thought this was pretty cute hehe. I love wasabi! 😌

Missing my weekday lunches with these two~

Ugh looks like flight is delayed… Somebody get me to +86 asap please!!

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