TTR Black Friday Blackout Sale 🌚

Hullo from my 14 deg C location, dayre friends!

Work trips are no fun but little things like this make it somewhat enjoyable haha.

Altho the cold weather is giving me extremely dry (and scaly looking) skin which is making me feel itchy all over. My body never used to react this way to the cold! Is it old liao.

Roaming the streets is a lot more enjoyable with the cooling weather. Usually we’ll be cursing at the sun being too strong but today it was a welcoming sight. ☺️

We’re in our heat tech, jeans and knitwear today!

Such a stark contrast from our trip one month ago, where we were clothed in sleeveless tops, shorts and flip flops.

Knitwear is such a hassle to pack. They take up so much space!! 😩 And they are fussy when it comes to laundry too. Times like this I’m happy that there’s only one season in Singapore. Can’t imagine how crazy my wardrobe would be with all the thick knits and chunky winter coats.

While doing our supermarket shopping, we saw these!!

Peanut butter in jelly drink/ribena packaging. SAY WHUT. Hahaha. Apparently you can just squeeze your peanut butter onto your bread. Quite cool eh?

We also tried to shop for instant mala noodles but didn’t manage to find any which looks legit and yummy! My weak stomach and tastebuds probably can’t take it anyway. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I will stick to safe food.


Took a walk around the basement food area and spotted this cute store with tons of dried flowers!! Aesthetics right up my alley and it got me curious about what they actually sell.

I thgt that they might be selling dried flower bouquets and the likes but it turned out that they sell drinks.

Their drink names are so cheesy!! But in a totally cute way. 杏好让我爱上你??? 芒芒人海遇见你??? 😂😂😂

💯 for cheesiness!

It’s not like we don’t have enough KOI outlets in SG… But I was so happy to spot that there’s a newly sprouted KOI at the mall which we frequent practically twice a day for meals.

And yaaaa I just had to take a tourist-y shot. In my defence, I AM overseas what. Hehe.

Their menu is so different from SG’s!

And they have taro balls!!!

But we decided against having this cause I needed to satisfy my heytea cheese matcha craving today. 🙃

Maybe tomorrow?

A good thing which happened yesterday – we got upgraded cause the room type we booked were fully occupied!

And the new room comes with breakfast (which we completely overslept and missed) + a smashing view in the bathroom.

In other news, (you may have learnt of this from other parts of Dayre-verse already tho) #TTR is having a major MAJORRRRR sale for Black Friday!


Happening tomorrow night (24 Nov) at 8PM!!

I know we recently did an 11.11 sale but this is different!!

THIS IS A FULL BLOWN, GO ALL OUT SALE. Go big or go home kinda sale!

For one, we have more than 480 items on sale! 🎉

Old sale items are having their prices FURTHER REDUCED!

Over 100 new items are being added to the sale category!

🙌🏻 🙌🏻 🙌🏻

The discounts go up to 80% off! ✨

Yes it’s clear that I’m just repeating whatever is in the poster above… I’m a naggy person. LOL.


It’s not a one day or one weekend kinda flash sale; the items will remain in the sale category permanently until sold!

But of course, to catch the BEST deals I’d urge you ladies to camp by the site once the sale goes live at 8pm tomorrow. 😉

Some shopping tips!

On our home page, you’ll see these $10/$15/$20 blocks for your shopping convenience.

You’ll only see the items tomorrow from 8pm onwards… Now click in got nothing one. 😂

Another shopping tip!

You can filter the items by size so that you don’t waste time checking out an item only to realise that it’s sold out in your size.

During sale every second counts (literally since we have a 5 minute cart hold) so this will help you save precious time!

Please ignore the numbers haha those are for accessories! 😂

You can also choose to sort by price.

A-Z or Z-A is a completely useless function in my opinion, hur hur. 🌚

Now, on to the more exciting aspect of this post.

Showing you the items on sale + how much discount you can get. 😌

Emmie Embroidery Dress (all colours!!) will be on sale for $30.90, original price is $37.90!

Oh yes, if you wanna get any specific items, you can use this search bar okay? Top left corner!

Aurora Blouse (all colours) going for $26.90, original price $33.90.

These are the newer items la, so the discount is not as jaw dropping but I’ll show yall some of the heavily discounted ones later!

Madelyn Midi Dress (all colours) is going for $31.90, original price $39.90. ☺️

Ooooh hehe I just posted this photo two entries back! 👧🏻🐶

Camille Eyelet Off Shoulder Top is going for $24.90, o.p $31.90.

A clearer look at the embroidery in case xb blocked too much of the top. Haha.

You can get the Deni Flare Blouse for $23.90, o.p $31.90!

Anya V Neck Top only for $21.90, o.p $27.90. 🍍

Ferly Flutter Top (still so pretty to me!) going for only $23.90, o.p $29.90! 😍

Black’s gorg too!

Ahahaha I super like doing this sale preview thing because I get to reuse my #ootd shots!! Sometimes take effort to shoot but only post once like wasted. 🌚 HAHA.

Aden Ruffles Top going for $22.90, o.p $29.90.

This is so cute for casual weekend brunches! 👌🏻

Ross Midi Dress going for $25.90, o.p $36.90.

Worthy buy imo, so apt for resort and beach getaways. 🏝⛱

On an unrelated note, I’m trying to convince ZL to go for a tropical holiday (like Bali!! Or Langkawi!) instead of Genting (cause he wants it cold). Will let you all know how it goes LOL.

Really love the drop shoulder deets. ☺️

Cheri Off Shoulder which I have in both White and the pretty Abstract print, going for $23.90! O.p $31.90!

Almost wore this out again the other day if not for the fact that my steamer died again and I was lazy to iron this using the conventional iron cause too much cloth. Haha.

Holly Dip Hem Dress going for $29.90 instead of the o.p $36.90!

Out for dinner and saw this quote. Ain’t it apt for the sale tomorrow! ☺️

Drey Crochet Bralet going for $22.90, o.p $29.90!

So soz I’ll try to stop listing the prices wrongly hahahah. Sometimes see until 眼花 yknow?

Tru Basic Crew Neck Tee which I kept in size L cause I like my tee shirts slightly baggy. Going for $16.90, o.p $21.90.

Lou Toga Top with the cutest frills around the neckline – only $18.90, o.p $31.90! 🤓

Ahhh, this was the period when I was extremely tanned.

Leona Wrapped Front Skirt $17.90, o.p $33.90!

Zomg tanned hahaha.

Rhea Cross Back Maxi going for $21.90, o.p $37.90. Going for more than 40% off!

And of course, how can I not show you the back right?

Faye Maxi Dress which I own in three whooping colours (I have black, navy, terracotta LOL) – $30.90, o.p $37.90!

Black isn’t on sale but we have navy, terracotta and grey. 😇

Anyhow post this screenshot of a past ig story cause can’t find the og photo anymore. 😂

Paloma Off Shoulder Top going for $17.90, o.p $30.90!

This is quite a good deal, I must say.

Vena Basic Sleeved Dress which is the best airport outfit ever…???!! It’s soft and cottony and not hugging. I love comfy flight outfits. ☺️

Sale price is $19.90? O.p $30.90!

Sorry tho, this photo a bit abstract. Lolol.

Blake Puff Sleeve Top which is selling for $18.90, o.p $30.90.

One of my fav weekend tops.

This isn’t me but I found it in my cam roll and @jongsy look so pretty here, so post lor. 😂

Layken Cross Back Maxi going for $21.90, o.p $36.90.

Arden Maxi Skirt going for only $18.90, o.p $35.90.

The watercolour prints…. 😍


Blanc Swing Top is on sale!! AND THERE’S WHITE. 😱

Going for $22.90, o.p $29.90! 😙

This post is getting horrendously long and I’m obvious having too much fun spamming you guys with my outfit photos. Hahaha.

Gonna wrap this up soon ok!!

Tomorrow yall can slowly go browse the sale at 8pm. But not TOO slowly cause the good deals will be snapped up by then!

Finders Denim Midi Skirt going for only $18.90, o.p $34.90!

Tiki Versatile Wrap Midi Dress, you can tie it in a few ways. ☺️

Only $16.90, o.p $33.90. This is 50% off! ✨

Mileni Asymmetrical Skirt is going for only $19.90, o.p $32.90! 🙌🏻

This super cute set will also be on sale. You can get the Orion Split Skirt for $19.90, o.p $33.90.

These photos got me missing my time in Croatia.. 😩

There’s a nice slit at the side! 😌👌🏻

Also avail in white. Hehe.

I wore this skirt so much in Croatia!

Ooooh in my old workspace!

Diya Pleated Dress (IN ALL COLOURS) will be on sale $29.90, o.p $36.90! ✨😌

Okay last item I’m gonna feature cause my fingers are aching from all that scrolling. I really have wayyyy too many photos. 15000+ to be precise. 🙄

Olivia Split Back Top is going for…


O.p $27.90!

That’s whooping 65% off the original price tag.

Kinda miss my blonde hair but I also think the current state of my hair cannot take any more chemicals. 😭

OKAY I’M DONE WITH MY POST!! All you happy campers can un-camp now and camp for our sale tomorrow. Hehe.


Gentle reminder that our website has a cart hold time limit of 5 mins, and there’s another 5 mins for you to do the checkout!

Which means if the status of the item you’re eyeing on shows “Item is currently in someone else’s shopping cart! Kindly refresh the page in 5 mins’ time to see if it becomes avail again.”, you still have another chance if the first buyer doesn’t proceed to cart out.

Good luck with the sale tomorrow guys!

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