Concluding our final work trip of 2017!!!

Good morning dayre friends! 👋🏻

On the way to the airport now but the jam is soooooo bad.

Yesterday after we settled the orders with our supplier, we bid her goodbye and said “明年见!” Cause last trip of the year already.

We lamented about how crazy this year has been and how quickly it flew by.

Then she said…



Almost every trip she’ll ask us when we’re getting married. Like she’s our mum. LOL.

And then she said she hope that next year she will “带球参加你们的婚礼”. 😂

Well. I don’t think next year got wedding for her to attend but it’s nice to know that she’ll fly over in the event that we get married. ☺️ So sweet of her!

Even tho got no wedding bells, I felt that my year has been really eventful! Haven’t been travelling as much as the past few years but it has been so fulfilling esp on the work front.


But I shall save all my ramblings for when I sit down and do my 2017 reflections post. LOL.

Because we iz rebellious kids, we had Heytea for breakfast HAHAHA. @jongsy

Best decision because there was no queue at all. We sauntered in at 10.15am and the store was empty! ✌🏻

Apparently there are people as crazy as us. Our queue number was 12. 🤭

Was deciding between having my morning cuppa or Heytea and since we’re not gonna be having this till next year… Heytea it was!!

Then now rebellious kids having Mcd’s. 🙃

Our diet is really like that of a teenager’s. Lolol.

The nuggets here are really pathetic tho.

$5 for 10 pcs of nuggets which taste like they have been microwaved instead of fried. And what is that horrid sweet and sour sauce??!! Gimme my curry sauce please. 😩

Home sweet home!

If only home was the same temperature as GZ tho. That would be perf. Hahaha.


Had the best welcome home dinner with my love. 😌

Didn’t snap any photos because we tucked in right away, but the black pepper beef cubes and lala hor fun which we ordered were out of this world. It’s at a zichar restaurant called Hua Yu Wee and according to ZL, they are always super packed on weekends. Highly recommend that you guys check this place out!

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