My Dream Wedding……… SHOES ✨

Over the weekends…

We stepped into Christmas Wonderland to shop for ZL’s room.

Nope, we did not buy a Christmas tree for his room, if that’s what you’re wondering. 😂

He wanted to add some greens to his otherwise dark hued room. But I told him that in reality, live plants need a LOT of upkeeping and it’s too hard to keep them alive.

(Either that or I have really black thumbs lor 🌚 I singlehandedly killed two plants already!)

So I suggested the next best alternative – fake plants!

Brought him to OneKM mall because I did my research and it has a cluster of shops selling fake flowers and plants there, and we spent two merry hours deciding which plant goes better with his room decor.

We shortlisted a few and whittled the choices down to these 2 – he had a stronger liking for the left while I preferred the right. The left one looked too chunky to me while the right one is so resort looking and would look better in the space which he allocated for the plant.

BUT. Afterall it’s not my room so I asked him to make the final call la. AND DISCLAIMER FIRST – I DIDN’T PRESSURE HIM HOR. But I did try my best to influence him and nudge him in the direction of the right one. 😂

Tadah~ Got resort feels??

I guess my influence did pretty okay. 🙃😂

But at the end of the night when he was done setting up everything, he also agreed that this looked better in his room! We’re both really pleased with this!

Hehe. ✌🏻

Over the weekends, we also had a mini discussion on where we should travel to during my CNY break.

But discussion was not the most fruitful. We ended up with 4 options. 😩

Our (travel) fate will lie in the hands of Scoot’s Tuesday deals later today!

“There’s never enough time on weekends to do what we set out to do.” I whined to ZL today. Didn’t manage to catch Justice League again this weekend!

But I guess that’s what makes weekends precious.

May the weekends always come quickly and go slowly! ✨

Today’s neighbourhood adventure with my sticky friend @jazreeltan brought us to Srisun for some yummy prata!

I asked the cavewoman whether she wanted to venture out of her cave and the answer was a subtle no so we ended up at gardens. Hahaha. Contemplated Arbite but prata sounded better to us both eventually.

We are easily contented people.

I actually appreciate these down to earth local fare much more these days myself. 😌

Iphone’s portrait mode still impresses me sometimes. And this maggi goreng ayam was really bomb! So was the egg cheese prata! 👍🏻

We spent almost 3 hours at the prata shop BUT we still forgot to discuss some work stuff so we sat in the car for another 10 minutes trying to wrap up.

After we parted ways we continued texting like we haven’t seen each other for half a year. LOL.

I think we need to schedule a longer prata date next time okay @jazreeltan? 🤪🤪🤪

It’s been an extra good day today.

Other than the fact that I got to spend time with my crazy sticky friend, I also received a HUGE box at work…

Huge boxes make me excited.

Especially when there’s a silver glittery ribbon tied around it. So festive looking!!!! ☺️✨

Huge boxes also make me excited ESPECIALLY when it’s from Keds!


Doing my unboxing over on IG stories now!

Sparkles and glitter make me a happy girl.

😭😭😭 – tears of joy

And I think…

I have found my dream wedding shoes. Even though no wedding is in works. HAHAHA. Maybe in my dreams..?

Supportive friend @jazreeltan is very supportive.

Immediately plan out my wedding using emojis after I told her I have found THE shoes. 😂😂😂 I guess she wants to give me my angbao very badly.

Both of us are very delusional, evidently.

Gonna show you guys THE shoes in a bit but lemme go wash some dishes first!!

We should get back to the sneakers!

Hello my (future) wedding sneakers, you’re so beautiful…… :’)))))))

I already have a few bride-to-bes dropping me dms on Instagram about the shoes, so I guess this is a very popular pair of shoes amongst brides! 😌 Not surprised since this is gonna be such a breeze and bliss to wear compared to heels!

Got a feeling this is gonna sell out really fast in stores!

A few of my married friends are lamenting “too bad my wedding is over”, when they saw this pair of beauty.

#dayrebrides, you hear???

The Keds team, being generous as always, decided to spoil me silly with all three colours of this Kate Spade x Keds collection.


I’m so blessed.

It felt like Christmas came in November! 🎄🎅🏻

This multicoloured pair would go so well with casual denim ensembles. Check out that rainbow glitter! 😍🌈

This pair is unique because it casts a different hue from a different angle. If you can see, one side looked more purple while the other looked more blue in my photo of all three pairs above. Under another lighting, this pair shows up silver.

As with any glittery item, these glitter babies look best under bright lighting and sunlight!

Rose gold comes a very close second favourite for me because nothing can beat the white.

I love Keds for their attention to little details.

All three pairs are the same (glitter + ribbon laces) but yet they come with a different small touch each!

For rose gold, they have a blush pink stripe all around the rubber sole.

Multicolour is the only pair which gives off a different colour depending on the way the light hits.

White comes with mint coloured inner shoe lining which is oh-so-adorable! (You’ll see later 😍)

Rose gold was the first pair I unboxed. It’s been gloomy these days but I happened to catch some sunlight while shooting these today.

So pretty and pink and girly.

Already dreaming up all the dresses I’ll be matching these with!

I am obsessed with these ribbon laces.

They are like the icing on the cake, yknow??

The cake itself is already yummy but the icing make it even better! 💯

Sorry for my very lame cake analogy. Just had dinner so now craving for something sweet. LOL.

If you’re not feeling the ribbon laces, you can swap it out for the normal shoelaces which comes with the shoes as well.

Even the blush shoelaces are pretty, gawddd.


See!! If you get grey/rose gold ones for your bridemaids and the white one for yourself, it’ll be damn cute la! And it makes for a very cute photo omg.

These shoes will make perf bridesmaids gifts too. 😛


Koped from Pinterest. Hahahah.

Ughh photo kena cut off but can you imagine holding these cuties against a big poofy white wedding gown???

Total #weddinggoals!

Even the back view looks utterly adorable pleaseeeeee. 😍

Sorry I can’t stop gushing.

Okay since I’m already indulging in my wedding fantasies, I’m gonna let you guys in on my dream wedding for a bit.

I was telling Jaz that it would be nice if I could have a destination wedding (Bali would be lovely!).

Then I’ll pay for the air tickets and accom of my family + closest friends and fly them there to party for 3 days with me!!

Ever since I started thinking about my future wedding here and there (I’m not obsessive about it yet!! 🙃), I’ve been quite certain that I don’t want a banquet.

So. Either a really nice destination wedding, or super casual lunch gathering with my close friends and family! Catered buffet also can. 😂

I know… I’m quite extreme.

It’s either go all out or nothing much for me. LOL.

Okay don’t say so much. When I really have a ring on my finger then say. 🤫 I also just realised that my post looks very… misleading on the Dayre feed. What with the wedding photos which totally don’t belong to me, and the wedding sticker. Haha. 😂 Sorry but at least my title got the “dream” word there?

Alrighty let’s get back to the shoes!!

There, the mint inner lining I was talking about. Perfect if you need something BLUE at your wedding!

How come I have two pairs of these?

The answer is because I bought a pair before Rebecca told me that they’ll be sending the new collection over to me.

So then I told her that I already have this pair and they can send me other pairs instead. Imagine my surprise (and happiness!!) when I opened the box to another pair. ☺️

Now I can wear one pair out and safe keep the other pair until my real wedding when it finally happens. Hahaha. I am hoping it won’t turn yellow till then but I googled and silica beads are the solution. 🤞🏻 Keeping my fingers crossed thennn!

Gives me so much joy just starting at these.


Now. As for where you can get these…

You can get them at all The Social Foot and Royal Sporting House outlets but I’m not sure if it’s still widely available. Some girls told me that it is already sold out in their sizes when they checked.

Good luck with hunting these down BUT let me just tell you – they are so worth it. 😌

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