On my way to start my one week of Webarre trial!!

I’m not a morning person when it comes to working out so… I HOPE I DON’T DIE.

Class was good!!

We signed up for the fundamentals class which makes a good first session. Otherwise we might have found it hard to catch up.

I like that it wasn’t overly intense 😂 and the routine was actually okay for my bad knee!

Class size was about… 10? But that’s also because we went for the odd timing of 10.30am. 😂

Had a healthy lunch fix at Sarnies after because it was just round the corner + they are on Entertainer!! 🙌🏻

Order the tandoori chicken salad and a flat white and it makes for a very good post workout meal! The salad was pretty meh but I am so sick of the food at my office food court already. 😩

Looking forward to PBD tomorrow!!

Paid $45 for a one week trial! So for this one week trial you can book a max of 7 classes. My friends and I are vvvv ambitious so we booked classes from Mon to Fri but 🤔🤔🤔 I highly doubt we will go for all la hahahaha.

Can’t wait to try out their Signature Multi Level class tmr! 💪🏻

The cosy studio.

Place is smaller than I thought and also, they only have two cubicles for shower!

Not so sure about signing up for their classes after this trial cause there’re other places I would love to try – like F45 and maybe Ground Zero.

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