Visitor of the week 🐈

Went for the Signature class at Webarre yesterday and I enjoyed it much more than Fundamentals!

A tad more fast paced but I could still catch up with most parts of the class.

I do have one issue though… I found it slightly challenging during the class BUT my body doesn’t really ache after? Idk but I always use that (how badly my body aches) as a gauge for how effective the workouts are for my body!

After most sessions with my PT, my body would ache for 3 days minimum. 😭

I had wanted to go for another Signature class this morning but my knee hurt after yesterday’s session so I decided to sit that one out.

Looking forward to HIIT class on Friday because it’s something new but also not looking forward because I ALWAYS die during HIIT sessions. I’m weak, I know. I really hope I ache after HIIT!!

Gonna do breakfast at Free The Robot after Friday’s class with my friends, wheeee!

Having friends to go with really makes a whole world of difference. 😌

In non fitness related news… We’re having a furry visitor at home later cause the lil sister is doing catsitting this week.

I’m not the biggest cat person but I feel strangely excited. I wonder how my timid little dog will react. Until now she still cannot accept my bunny. I think she would be thoroughly freaked out by the cat. 😂

We’ll see!!!

Hulloooooo 😻

Smart kitty is smart. Immediately claimed my bed as his!

I guess kitty found his favourite corner for now. 😂

I opened the wardrobe and it jumped into a cubby hole and made itself very comfortable.

It stared at me warily for a bit but after a while it just gave up and went to sleep.

So I guess… I have company for tonight. 🙃

I’m totally clueless about cats.


But it seems pretty curious about me. Should I go pat it??? Should I be friendly?? Or should I wait for it to come to me?


Guess I’ll be spending some time on Google to find out more about this stranger I’ll be spending the next few nights with.

Advice from my bf the cat whisperer. Somehow stray cats are very attracted to him, don’t ask me why.

Cats enjoy having their noses squeezed meh???? 😒

Or is it #shitZLsays again?

Googling “cat behaviour” and “bringing cat home for the first time” now. 😹

Meanwhile, this little one is so blissfully unaware. We brought her in to have a look at kitty but she doesn’t seem particularly affected?? We don’t even know if she truly realises the presence of kitty. 😂

On the other hand, kitty can’t keep his wary eyes off this little dog. Hahaha.

Still on the lookout for products to help me sleep better. 😴

Trying out Sleepy by Lush!

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