It’s been dreary for most of today and my mood is kinda the same as well… Gloomy and kinda pensive at the same time.

Guess it’s one of those down days everyone gets hit with once in a while.

I’ll be fine.

I wanna share about this weekend’s collection, actually!

Spent a fair bit of time doing post processing for this lookbook because I wanted it to channel fall vibes so the I edited the colours of the greenery in the photos to be autumn-y colours. Spent quite a bit of effort doing that, on top of the usual edits I do.

But okay la I must say that the efforts paid off well!! 😌😌😌

#TTR #thetinselrack

Cute off shoulder top made with ribbed cotton material comes in three basic and neutral colours.. Will show later! 🙂

That day was… A VERY HOT DAY.

It was not even warm. It was BLAZING HOT. Our poor model had to tank the crazy weather wearing knit and outerwear. 😨 Good thing she was being extremely professional about it.

Model life is tough life, you guys.

Sunny days are good though.

Nothing dampens our spirits during an outdoor shoot faster than seeing dark clouds slowly gather.

We were so so lucky that day.

The rain POURED ⛈ immediately after we wrapped up the shoot. Hey come to think of it, that happened for our most recent shoot as well!! Really is ti gong po pi. 🙏🏻

Model life also means you gotta be ready to lie down anywhere and everywhere. Even if the angle is awkward. Even if it’s uncomfortable. And still look smashing at the same time.

I know a lot of you have been asking about the knit top but… We’re selling the shorts. 👀

The knit top I got from Zara, erm, last year. I was looking for something to pair the shorts with and found it lying in the deepest corner of my wardrobe at home. Lol.

These shorts are made of soft, comfy material (you can tell by the way it drapes!) and the tie front design can totally conceal post meal food babies. Hehe.


We have this lightweight trench coat made of soft and drapey material.

It works more like a cardigan than an actual trench coat to keep you warm I would say… Totally suits our local weather!

We didn’t do any thick coats or outerwear this year because I didn’t wanna have something which will only be worn at once or at most twice a year when you travel to cold(er) countries.

This one, you can wear in our weather without feeling like you’re baking in an oven. 😂😂😂

This model super got feels~ 😍

Hokays here’s one more photo before I go for dinner!!

Be back to show yall more items launching this weekend laterz. 👋🏻

We used a new backdrop colour for this col!! 😍😍 Something different from our usual light colours. I REALLY LIKE IT!!

Trench coat comes in Navy and Olive too.

Hang on for the Olive!

This model wears outerwear PERFECTLY. 💯💯💯

I kept raving about her to @jongsy cause you’ve no idea HOW difficult it is to find a model who can carry jackets/coats/parkas off so well.

Tie front shorts also come in Navy!!

Sorry you can barely see the shorts but I can’t bear to cut away her face. 😍😍😍 LOL.

This chio shade of rose!!!! Is just!!! ❤️!!!

Off shoulder ribbed top comes in black too, if your sharp eyes managed to spot it. Heh.

Of course, basic white is a MUST. ✨

I wore this midi dress for my Chiang Mai trip and it was one of my fav outfits on that trip. 😌

ZL shot some photos of me in it and I think they turned out really fantastic!! Totally non biased, btw. Hahaha. But you guys can judge for yourselves later. 😂

Loving the side slits on this dress! 🤩 – this seeing stars emoji might just be one of my favs from the new emoji series. Hehe.

Was so torn as to whether I should bring white or mustard on the trip but I thought mustard would make a reaaally nice pop of colour for pictures. Hehe.

But ummmmm. Guess who kept white anyway?

Cause white would look SO FAB at the beach. I’m planning wayyyy in advance for my Bali trip. Lollll. 😂

I also…. kept Navy.

*shifty eyes*

In my defence, it’s a good day to day colour!!!

My favvvvv shot of all!!

Hehehe ☺️☺️☺️☺️ so proud of my instabf!!! 👏🏻

LOLLLL okay la I’m only calling him that cause I know he’ll cringe so bad. 😂 He only takes photos of me when we’re overseas and I have no choice. I don’t think he qualifies as an instabf in any way.

But don’t you think he did a fantastic job???

Before I taught him how to operate a DSLR, he only ever used cameras on phones. And I only taught him how to adjust the controls for the manual mode.

Initially, I would place him at a specific spot and told him which angles I wanted. But after a while he tried different angles and positions on his own and I was so impressed that I just let him take however he wanted.

He’s a natural at framing! 😍

It’s hard for beginners to get the focusing right especially at low apertures, but 98% of the photos he took came out SHARP.

Hahahaha. Like a 大惊小怪 but I really used to think that most guys who have no interest in photography cannot take decent photos. 🙃

His timing is also really on point. 👌🏻

Okay laaaaa shall stop singing his praises since y’all know I think the world of him already. 😶

We also brought the tripod along for some self timer shots at this very spot but I think I’ll show you guys when my prints from @jazreeltan arrive!!! Hehe.

The straps of the dress are adjustable, you have to tie them yourself!

I prefer having my straps longer than normal people so this dress is perfect for me. 😇

And errrrr yes I really need to update about my Chiang Mai trip before we run out of 2017. *gulps*

Ugh. I love this so much!!


Oops sorry haha realised I kinda left things hanging after this photo.

Went to bed early-ish because I was gonna be up early this morning (LIKE 5AM) for my final Webarre class of the week!

The class starts at 7.30am la but I wanted to wake up early and have my breakfast. 🙂


The top above will also be launched this Sunday! 😇

Comes in the same shade of mustard as the dress too!

We actually have a couple other designs to be launched together as a capsule collection BUT shit happened so now we’re only launching these two. The rest will be put on hold. Which is a pity cause there’s a cute skirt which I matched the top with! ☹️ And a nice toga dress as well. But ayy. We’ll settle the issues before launching them!

I really like this outfit! Holiday vibes 💯💯💯!

We spent close to 30 mins finding a good spot for this #ootd. Lolllll. And nope he didn’t complain one bit! ☺️💕 I think it helps that I don’t take excessive photos whenever and wherever. After I’m done, I’M DONE.

Actually I’m mostly very lazy to take outfit photos on holidays. It takes too much effort to look good on photographs and sometimes I just wanna have a very chill + laidback trip yknow? 😂

Brb reporting for my HIIT class!!


I was walking precariously along the edge of the pool hoping that ZL would get the shot before I fall into the pool. 😂

Not bad!!

Also helped that our resort had a very nice pool area la of course. 😌👌🏻

I like how he angled this shot!


I’m just gonna post the photos here since we really spammed a lot. 😂

I was gonna go without the headband initially. But my stylist/photographer says that it looks nice. 💁🏻‍♀️

After I got the shots I wanted, I let him take the photos however he liked.

Tbh I was skeptical about this photo cause I couldn’t visualise the framing in my head from where he stood.


I need to place more trust in him, evidently. Lol.


The lobby was filled with hanging vines and I love how the entire place looked. So much greenery!

After a while, he started making me do weird things.

“Go sit there and pretend you’re the receptionist.”

“Touch the lamp.” #shitZLsays


“Touch the leaves.”


Idk why his directions for poses all so obiang and must touch here touch there but LOL I’m more than happy that he can take nice photos!! I’ll decide on my own poses tyvm. 😂😂

After the trip, he kept asking me “when are you posting the photos I took for you?” HAHAHA.

Just a note, if you get either the midi dress or the tie front cropped top, please handwash in cold water, do not soak and do not spin dry. Air dry will do!

This material is prone to shrinking after wash but all’s good once you iron it out. ☺️

We also included the washing instructions on the packaging of these! 💕

Also throwing in this ootd before I forget to post before the launch!!

This one taken by my insta-sista @jongsy LOLOL.

This is a good basic piece to own!


Hokays finally done with the previews. Talk to you guys again soon~

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