12 Days Of #TTRChristmas Giveaways 🤶🏻

This is going to be a good week. I can feel it already!!

I’m hardly ever THIS happy when it comes to Mondays…

But today, a huge rock has been lifted off my heart. 😌

It’s not anything that I would be sharing on social media… But the people closest to me all know that I have been really, really bothered by this particular issue for the past couple of years.

I’m actually more relieved than anything that this ordeal is finally going to be over.


It’s like suddenly, life looks a little brighter than before.

Even my steps feel lighter!


On to more lighthearted news…

We’re doing a 12 days of giveaway on TTR’s IG! 🙌🏻🤶🏻 I’m feeling a lot like this 圣诞老婆婆 here cause we have plenty of awesome gifts to be giving away starting from TODAY!

Our first giveaway partner for #TTRChristmas is one which is close to my heart; I love every product I own from this brand! ❤️

If you’ve already been over to our IG today, you would know what I’m talking about.

It is none other than @jazreeltan’s baby – Wonderwoodworld!!

And yes that’s her and Leroy, the perfect poster couple of WWW. Hahahah.

We are giving away 2 x panoramic wood prints (5” by 12”) to 2 lucky winners!

So basically, for 12 days of #TTRChristmas, we’ll be featuring 6 brands. 2 days of giveaway will be held for each brand. 🎄

This is the panoramic size, which Jaz printed for one of her customers.

I recently ordered two prints from WWW, one for ZL and one for myself, and briefly considered the panoramic size because it looks pretty interesting! 👀

But then ZL preferred the A3 (WHICH TURNED OUT HUGE AND BEAUTIFUL BTW HEHE) and I didn’t mind the A3 too, so we both got that instead.

Which… I will show you guys very soon. Hehe. 😌

How to join the giveaway?

Head over to our IG, instructions are there!! 😂😂😂

Okay sorry hahaha but really, we tried to make it as fuss free as possible! We really wanna give the items away and make people happy since it’s the seasoning of gifting~ 🎁

Will be announcing the giveaway winners on the next day!

I will be posting our rundown of the other brands tomorrow, don’t have all the images yet. Hehe.

But anyway, feel free to join the giveaways for all 6 brands, we are not placing a limit on that! 🤶🏻

The second brand of our giveaway has something to do with this sticker here… 😶 Can you guess what is it? Hehe.


They are (very generously) giving away 4 pints of ice cream each, to 2 winners.

Winners can choose from any of their classic flavours. ☺️👌🏻

4 pints would be perfect for house parties if you’re hosting any this Christmas. Or, you can bring over to your friend’s party. Everyone will love you for that!

The third brand is Get Sip, @get_sip on IG!

A relatively new brand, and I love their concept cause.. IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH COFFEE. Love of my life. Other than ZL, of course. 🌚

So… They actually work on a subscription basis and offer discounted coffees from various cafes around SG, and you pay them a monthly fee depending how what plan you want/how much of a caffeine addict you are.

How awesome is that!!

So, for our giveaway on 15 + 16 Dec, we’re giving away 2 Average Joe plans (which really means 10 free cups of coffee!!!!) from Get Sip.

I love that the brands we work with are so so generous. 🤗

I ALSO WANNA JOIN THIS GIVEAWAY…… 😭😭😭 10 cups of coffee will make my tired soul very, very happy.

Our 4th brand for this Christmas giveaway is something which everyone uses on a daily basis! Or once every two days at the very least? 😂

Botanicals Freshcare by L’oreal is giving away a full set of Geranium haircare products worth $75!

These smell soooooo good.

Geranium is my next fav scent after lavender. 😍😍

On 19 and 20 Dec, we are giving away this pair of lovely Nicole Ballerina Flats from Seiraelves to TWO lucky ladies!

If you frequent our store at Orchard Gateway, you should be no stranger to this brand. ☺️

I don’t think I have announced this piece of news before so here goes.

Seiraelves shoes are now stocked in at our Gateway store and we update the designs on a monthly basis!


Some customers have been telling us that we should provide shoes for pairing when they try on our clothes, so that they can visualise the styling better.

I’m really happy about this retail collab because well…

Seiraelves shoes are really basic and versatile and goes with most of the TTR designs! You not only can try them on for size and test the level of comfort, you can place orders for their shoes at our store and enjoy free doorstep courier delivery. 😌👏🏻

I’ve recently gotten a pair for myself, just waiting for them to arrive. Hehe.

The last and final brand of our Christmas giveaway is…


Which is why I picked that sticker above. 🌚

Sorry my post is in drips and drabs today cause I’m so packed today!!

Stealing random moments to do my updates. Really wanna complete this post soon. Grr.

They’re sponsoring this particular airmock 😍😍, which is worth $188!

Now you can live the #hammocklife all day, every day. Good for homes and even offices!!

Gonna be picking winners for our first giveaway with Wonderwoodworld in a while.. EXCITED!!

We’ll be contacting the winners via DMs so keep a lookout on your inboxes! 👀

It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas~ ❄️

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