Dreading gym on a Monday but I guess it’s time to work off those calories I inhaled over the weekends.

It’s always too tempting to just let loose and indulge whenever the weekends roll around.

So it’s payback time today! 💪🏻

My sweetest friend Sharon sent over this lovely bunch of dried flower bouquet for TTR’s KL opening and it’s been lying on my windowsill looking gorgeous as can be.

I had thoughts of taking it apart and rearranging it in a vase to spruce up the store a few weeks ago, but kept putting off the idea of it cause I wanted to admire the bouquet in it’s fully glory for longer.

Had some spare time on my hands today, so I decided.

Today shall be THE day.

Love it when I get to play around with flowers.

I could stare at them all day, really.

They make any space look pretty, instantaneously. 😍

There were loose stalks of lavender inside the bouquet.

These are one of my favs to have around cause they add such a nice scent to the workspace!

But you gotta be really gentle with these tho. The tiny purple buds are so prone to falling off! 😭

Baby’s breath looks good when bunched together. So nice and rustic!

Idk what is this but it’s adorable.

Reminds me of an acorn!

I’ve never tried arranging with dried flowers before and it was more difficult than I thought. Dried flowers are so much more fragile than fresh flowers. 😩

But nevertheless, feeling really pleased with this!

😍 Gonna bring it to the store this Wednesday!

There were a few other stalks of dried flowers which I thought might make good props for flatlays so I saved them in an extra vase for future use.

Was lazy to arrange them nicely so I just dumped them into the vase as is. 😂

Tonight shall be the night, that I start penning down my Chiang Mai/Pai trip! 💪🏻

Writing is definitely not the hardest part.. The toughest would be trying to organise my photos. I have over a thousand photos on my SD card and hundreds of photos + videos on my camera roll.


Also gonna be sharing a Christmas gift guide I’ve put together!


I think I better do that first though… Hahaha. Otherwise Christmas would be over in a jiffy! Then my Christmas gift guide need to change to New Year gift guide already. 🙃

Changed my Dayre header to one of my favourite photos of us, in Pai.

Ahhh such good memories. I’m so caught up in reliving our moments while trying to organise the photos that I have yet to even start drafting my post.

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