Shoes from #Taobao!!

Hoho how apt is this sticker!!!

My Taobao haul just came and I just finished unboxing it.

Technically, the items aren’t for me la. We bought shoes for photoshoot purposes. But I have huge feet for my height so I’m usually the same size as the models.

And you know what they say. If the shoe fits…

I’m just gonna wear it!! 😇

I think this is my first time doing a #taobao haul post omg!

What are the hashtags ah?? 😂😂😂

#taobaohaul? #taobaobuys? LOL. #anyhow 😂

Okay some background first… ☝🏻

Sorry I gotta bore you all with my granny story before showing y’all what I got. Hahaha.

I have bought many things from Taobao – accessories, homeware items, racks for TTR store lol… BUT I have never bought shoes from Taobao.

I did come across some very tempting shoe designs on Taobao, and the people around me also shop shoes from Taobao but I have never thought of really getting any because…

God knows how utterly PICKY I am about my shoes.

I love my shoes from Aldo, Jeffrey Campbell, Steve Madden and the likes even though they are so pricey because I know I cannot compromise on the quality and fit of the shoes I wear. Every time people ask me where I get my shoes from, my answer is very standard. It would be from those brands above, most of the time!

I do also shop shoes from Zara but their quality and comfort sometimes really cannot la. 😂 Designs can be really nice tho!!

On my work trips, I also come across shoes when I source for other items like bags and accessories.

The designs may be very trendy but sadly, whenever I compare them to those from my fav shoe brands, they fall VERY short. So I always have this impression that shoes from China are not up to my somewhat strict personal standard. 🙃 Or maybe I’m just very spoilt when it comes to shoes la.

Either the stitchings are done badly, or padding not there, or it just doesn’t flatter the legs.

So anyway, few weeks ago, we decided to expand our pairing footwear for TTR. Always pair with the same shoes also sian already. Even though we have a huge collection in the office tbh. Hahahah.


Since photoshoot shoes are mainly worn for their aesthetics, I decided to try shopping for them on Taobao.

I used to buy photoshoot shoes from Aldo but GOSH the investment is damn high even if I could wear them myself.

I am very recently obsessed with mules/slip ons so I ended up getting a few pairs of those!

It also saves a hell lot of shoe wearing time when our models change up into different outfits.

Lace up shoes are THE worst. 😂😂😂 When we are rushing for time to complete the shoot, we eliminate those for pairing!


Here are the 5 pairs I carted out from Taobao!

Am going to do a mini review for each of these. Links and prices will be included as well! But give me some time ah. I also need to do some work right now. BRB!!

So how I usually determine which items are worth buying is according to the price and popularity.

I know some people shop Taobao for the reason that it’s affordable. But I rather spend a bit more and get something that is of better quality. I don’t wanna wear a couple of times and have to dump after because the quality is cui. 😶

I’m a bit lazy to read reviews because they can also be very subjective.

That being said, expensive doesn’t mean it is DEFINITELY good la.

I just feel a bit more reassured about the quality. Hahaha.

If the same item is $0.50 at a shop and $5 at another shop, I rather buy the $5 one. In China, the general understanding is that even if the design is the same, the “grade” will vary and so will the price. Since it’s online and I cannot feel the quality myself, I rather play it safe and go for the slightly pricier option!

Of course, to each her own!

I know a lot of people would still go for the cheaper option la. Haha. ☺️

Let’s start with with my most regretted pair. It’s pretty pricey by Taobao standards but it’s so uncomfortable – or maybe it’s because my feet is too wide for it. But… The straps are not even on both sides. Booooo.

And it’s 128RMB. Totally not worth it. 🌚



I had high hopes for this pair even tho I’m not a huge fan of patent shoes because you can wear it two ways – I thought that was interesting!

You can either wear it with the black strap in front like me, or sling it back.

Unfortunately, this pair didn’t fare well in the comfort department. I feel like I would get a blister if I wear this out proper. And the straps are not balanced! ;(

Comfort: 2/5
Versatility: 4/5
Price: 1/5 for the quality 😒

Joycesays: Don’t buy 🙅🏻‍♀️

I really wanted to love this pair.

It looks fine here but ermmm the product photos on Taobao were way nicer! ☹️

But I guess I pinned too high hopes la. Hahaha. This pair was only about 36RMB.


And also, why do China shoes all come with very obiang cheenabiang names on the soles?? Like Meimeilili or something to that effect. 😂 SO UGLY. I know cannot be seen when worn la but still.

This pair says “fangxinxieyo”…….! LOL.

Close up of the stitchings!

It looks pretty good when worn actually!! The front part is also not too narrow.

Maybe I was being too harsh. Hahaha.

Comfort: 4/5
Versatility: 4.5/5
Price: 5/5!!! Only about $7!

Joycesays: Can buy if you’re not as particular as me hahaha 😂

This pair looks really similar to the black one I posted above, but is actually slightly different. The toes are more square-ish!

Damn terrible. I always incline towards buying similar designs/styles when I’m caught up in them. 😂

The colour of this pair is lovely BUT it came with some visible scuffs on both sides. 😞

Since it’s for styling during photoshoots, I don’t mind that much.


This pair is 65RMB, also really affordable. Maybe I was just unlucky to have gotta an imperfect pair!

Comfort wise, it’s the same as the black pair above! Btw ah I haven’t worn any of these out for real. Comfort is based on me trying them on for photos and maybe walking about 10 steps?

This TB seller carries this in two other colours if I’m not wrong. There’s black and white too! Nude would go great with office outfits. I bought this specially for our Ascend pieces!

Comfort: 4/5
Versatility: 4/5
Price: 4.5/5, I took 0.5 off because it’s slightly imperfect!

Joycesays: Can buy but I hope you’re luckier than me! 🤞🏻

Now, I bought two different colours of the same design from a shop and was hoping that they would turn out fine.

And they turned out better than fine! 💯 They looked promising in the boxes even before I tried them on.

This is the brown suede pair. 😍😍😍

The heel portion is so chiooooo with the gold rim!!

I like pointy shoes cause they add a good length to your legs, making them look longer and slimmer.


The best part about this pair is that…



I got the top two colours, but I was thinking about the grey and the blush nude as well. LOL.

Stopped myself from carting out 5 pairs because I wasn’t sure if they’ll turn out the same as in photos, or whether the quality was gonna be 💩.

But now, hmm, I’m thinking of the other colours!

This is also the most expensive pair out of all the shoes I’ve gotten – 141RMB! But value wise, I think it has the best value. If these were priced at $129 at Aldo, I would buy leh.

The price is also high because it’s real leather, as stated in the item description!

But okay la say high also not very high. Don’t think there are many places to get real leather for $30+?

They have a nice range of nudes as well. I would go for 米杏色!

Okay link is here:

Which other colours should I get!!! 🤔🤔

Oh yes, I haven’t posted the white hahaha.

Ugh. So darn pretty.

I always have a major soft spot for white shoes even though they can be a pain to upkeep.

The stitching is VERY well done and the quality meets all my expectations! Yes it is more expensive and you can probably find other similar designs for wayyyy cheaper but I maintain that you need to pay good money to get shoes of decent quality! And for 141RMB, this is a steal la.


I really like the design at the heels!! It’s the best part of this pair of shoes imo. Hehe.


Nicholas Kirkwood > Fangxinxieyo!!! 😂

Comfort: 4.5/5
Versatility: 5/5
Price: 💯/💯


So that’s the end of my TB haul!

On TB, it’s still 一分钱一分货 I feel. My fav is the priciest pair. Haha. And it’s always a downer when the items arrive not meeting your expectations or with small defects here and there. And I’m one of those who can’t be bothered with returns. Too much hassle. 😩

But I did enjoy browsing through because there is SUCH AN AWESOME VARIETY on TB.

Till my next TB review then, tata! 😎

Also, I’ve finally picked my Covo winners!

You guys always make it so hard for me to decide… 😩

Congrats @mumblespier! I know Covo will make you look a very gorgeous bride to be for your prewed shoot!! ☺️ They also provide hairstyling services so you can consider getting it done there too!

The other winner is @jxjwn!

I totally can relate cause before I started going to Covo, I went to a famous salon and THEY FRIED MY HAIR TOO 😩😩😩 but Covo managed to save it after that. So I’m very grateful to them and hope that they will be able to do the same for you!

Will the winners email me at with your name, mailing add and mobile number please? 😇 XIEXIE!!!

Oh and this is wayyyyy overdue but I suddenly remembered that I have some earrings which I wanted to put up for sale on my Shopee account! 😂😂

Finally dug out the photos and did it yesterday!

My shopee account follows the same name as my Dayre, btw.

This cute mustard fan earrings are only going for $12!

Comes in pretty jewel tones like Maroon and Forest Green too.

I have been wearing them out every now and then! These are not as loud as the tassels ones which are popular now, but still adds a nice touch to the whole ensemble. 😊

I put these up for sale as well. Comes in three different colour variations! Lazy to post here so please head over to my Shopee account! 😇

Obsessed with mustard recently and this pair here looks cute with my mustard clothings!

This pair which you see here…

And here…

Is also available for purchase!

I know not everyone has a Shopee account, so if you’re keen in any of the above, feel free to drop me an email too! ✉️!

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