365/365 ✨

Another 365 days gone.

Another 365 days to welcome.

For the most part, 2017 has been very kind to me. 😌

I’ve always liked looking back on my year through my camera roll.

Photos are such a great way of preserving memories!

2017 was filled with more highs than lows.

2017 started with us spending time with this furry little one.

2018 is also looking the same. 🐶❤️

One year on, my darling still looks as cute. Less scruffy cause we bathed and blew dry her using Dyson. Which is amazing btw!! Less time taken to dry and makes her look extra fluffy. LOL.

Went home to spend some time and now we’re heading back to ZL’s place for dinner!

Be back later to catch up with you guys on the rest of my 2017~ 👋🏻

Caught the golden moment – 17 17 17. 😂


CNY steamboat with my TTR fam in Jan kickstarted my year on a good note! 🥢


Went on my first hiking trip to Crater Ijen and Mt Bromo spontaneously! Don’t think I’ll be doing it any time again soon. It’s such a tiring holiday. I still prefer my holidays rejuvenating!

I vividly remember that I felt extremely glad to be back from this particular trip.

Truly a once in a lifetime trip. Hahaha.

Thank you for doing it with me!


Witnessed the union of one of my good friends Jaclyn, and her husband YG!

It was also the first of the three weddings ZL and I attended in 2017. ☺️✨


April saw us ending our pop up store at Citylink.

It was our first proper mall location and a really good learning experience! We learnt that one fitting room isn’t enough. 😂

Warehouse hotel was where ZL and I did our first staycation!

That was a really wonderful weekend. 😍


May saw us settling into a brand new workspace.

7 months on, still loving this space. 😌💕

Cameron Highlands was another highlight of May.

Dayred about it here – @joycesayshello:300517

ZL and I also turned ☝🏻 in May! 🎉🎉


We decided that it was time to add workwear into TTR collections, proper.

Other than the launch of Ascend, I don’t think we did anything much in June..

Oooooh I almost forgot, we took our first trip to KL in June for TTR MY. That was momentous! 🎉


July was a very eventful month!

We did things which were wayyy out of our comfort zone at work.

We hosted an intimate launch party for our lovely friends, customers and partners of TTR!

It was the first time we ever did anything like that for TTR. ☺️

The hours passed in a whirl and I enjoyed myself much more than I thought I would!

July also brought us on a work trip to Hong Kong where I gave a presentation in front of a crowd, unprepared. Not entirely unprepared of what to say, but for the size of the crowd which I was speaking in front of.

What an experience.


LOL in the same dress as the photo above. 😂

Turned the big 2-8 in August and celebrated my day with loved ones all around. So much grateful in my heart. ❤️ One of the most amazing birthdays ever!


My fluffy baby turned 10 in September! 🐶🎂

May we see her through many more heathy and happy years!

Also, did a farewell dinner for Audrey before she left for KL to prep for TTR Malaysia! 🥂


TTR Malaysia had our soft launch in October and although it wasn’t the easiest ride, we managed to open at least!! 🙌🏻

It was such a steep learning curve for every one of us involved in fine tuning the processes and having to get good to operating our business in a foreign land.

I’m glad we’re getting better, slowly.


In November, we FINALLY had our official launch in Malaysia!


In the same month, there was also my trip to Chiang Mai and Pai.

I think it’s safe to say that November was one of my best months in 2017, although there were a couple of strong contenders.


In December, I embarked on a mini project and it’s almost near completion.. I’ll definitely be sharing when the time is ripe. 😌💕

Decembers are always quiet and pensive months for me.

It’s when I reset myself for the upcoming year of challenges ahead.

2017 has been a swell ride. Crossing my fingers and hoping that the next 365 days of possibilities will gonna turn out just as positive! 🙌🏻✨

I’m not certain what the new year would bring, but it will definitely be a good one with this one. 😌

We’re off for our countdown, so I’ll save the resolutions for another day! May 2018 bring everyone lots of love and good vibes all around~ 💋

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