I woke up feeling like today is the actual first day of 2018 instead of yesterday.

First work day of 2018 is hopefully good.


Have a good day, you guys!

Should have posted this yesterday but it completely slipped my mind.

New year, new wardrobe?

We’re doing a huge flash sale over on thetinselrack.com, grab the deals while they last!

Storewide including sale items but excluding resident brand items! 💕

Of new year goals;

I have this habit of reading back on the previous year’s goals list and mentally evaluating how I did that that year.

Last year, I set the following goals:

• Having a clutter free Dropbox

Dropbox is like a virtual workspace for me and I generally like organised workspaces (even tho I have trouble maintaining them sometimes LOL).

I find that working in a neat environment is more productive for me!

In 2017, my Dropbox became less messy. Especially the TTR folder!

This year, I shall continue working on a more organised Dropbox. 😌

• Keep up with my current fitness routine

This, I did pretty well! Shed 6kg last year and I think that is one of my best personal accomplishments!

It took nothing but a whole lot of determination though. Temptations are very real especially when you’re trying to fight them. 🙅🏻‍♀️

Somewhere towards the end of the year, I stopped working out as much because of injuries here and there. And those injuries make it difficult to maintain the same level of physical activity. 😩

This year, I will find a way to maintain my weight as it is by having a good balance of diet and exercise! 💪🏻

• Drink at least 2 litres of water every day.

This, I must admit I didn’t follow religiously! Gulping down water throughout the day has never been a habit of mine and I find it a struggle to keep up with this.

This year, I will continue making progress for this!!

• Get better at adulting.

Very proud of myself for making improvement for this particular item on the list.

Bills were paid on time (YAY) and I bid adieu to a huge source of stress. I think this was an area that I tried really hard to improve on last year. And I did!

This, I can say with confidence that I did achieve my goal! ✌🏻

This year, I will continue to get better by doing adult-y stuff like managing my finances better and achieving my savings target while keeping up with whatever I’ve been doing for 2017!

• Have dinner at home at least once a week.

Didn’t manage to do this! But not a very big regret because it’s always good to spend meals with those who matter, be it at home or outside of home!

This year, I will scrape this goal and set another more achievable one. 😛

• Dayre about the small, inconsequential moments.

I think I did okay for this! I was writing more actively and regularly in 2017 compared to 2016. Still sharing about small wins and my daily antics on Dayre.

This year, I will continue doing so! 😉

• More self love

This is a tough one to evaluate. As I was doing my reflection for 2017, I came to realise that even though I’m not sure whether I am accepting of myself enough to love myself completely, I am 70% happy with myself in 2017. And maybe that is enough.

In 2018, I will be working on a better me while not beating myself up over the smallest things. ❤️

I never begin a new year without mulling over what I could have done better in the the coming 365 days.

Also took time over the past few nights (before bed) to ponder upon the things I want to achieve this year.

Ahh I’m quite sure this one is on everyone’s agenda, whether you list it out or not. Or maybe it only makes an appearance on your agenda when you’re pushing 30s? 😂

But really. I’ve made quite an effort with this in the past year and I’m going to continue with them this year!

I was telling ZL that I pledge to give up at least 2 days a week of bread and coffee for breakfast in exchange for eggs, fruits and green tea, something which he has been egging me on to do.

He says it’s too negligible and that I should do it every alternate day.

I say it’s better to take baby steps than none at all.

And that we launched into a debate on whether it helps if you put in a small measure of effort compared to if you just do nothing from the start.

We have still yet to reach the same conclusion. 🤷🏻‍♀️😂 Oh well.

Today’s breakfast which was lovingly prepared for me. 💕🍳

Don’t worry!

The fruits didn’t get left out. I had them as part of my lunch today.

I started my new year with a ear infection (that’s why so free to write this post cause I’m at home 😷) so yeah I think I better place more focus on getting my body healthy this year.

I’ve decided to dedicate an hour of my time every day, on weekdays, to read up or watch videos about a topic for which I want to amass more knowledge!

By the end of the year, I wanna get better at photography and graphic design. And also maybe my cooking skills. 👩🏼‍🍳

In 2018, I want to relook at my priorities.

I want to spend more time on things and people who are higher on my priority list. Simply because there’s only one of me and I want to put more of myself into whatever I do in 2018. ☺️

I haven’t really sat down to think about which are those which should decrease in importance and which are those which I should place more value on.

Maybe I’ll do it tonight, hmm.

Along with the goal above, I realise that I need to get better at being a friend.

It’s easy to be a friend. But it’s harder to be THAT friend. That friend who remembers birthdays. That friend who shows up. That friend who appears in times of need.

I’ve been distracted with many things for the past year and more often than not, my relationship with friends get placed on the sidelines. I’ve been semi aware of it and from time to time I do try to get back on track.

This year, I will consistently try to be THAT friend. 😇

Mindfulness is not an easy task, I must say.

It’s hard to be mindfull instead of being mind full. Small different in words but big difference in state of mind.

I have so much scattered thoughts all the time. My mind hops everywhere all the time and sometimes it’s hard for me to focus on the present. I’ll want to change that this year!

Also, I want to learn to be mindful of what I put into my body, what I say and what I spend my money on.

And last of all, a little reminder for everyone who’s reading this.

We are all snowflakes.


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