Tis the weather to get snuggly~

Popped by the store just now to drop restocks and to save Auds from the overwhelming crowd.

Thought I would have time for my store mirror selfies but NOPE we were kept so busy. 😂

Saw so many customers picking up this week’s new arrivals to try on! ☺️✨

Rushed off to meet a carou-buyer.

So relieved that I managed to sell off my 7+ at a fantastic price!!!

Whoop whoop.

Saveur for lunch/dinner cause it’s now on Entertainer App!


My must order every single time I go to Saveur – the pasta!

It’s the appetiser size and perfect for sharing between two. 😌👌🏻

Love how the pasta there is always so perfectly al dente and nicely seasoned.


ZL had the sea bass (which he enjoyed but not so much for me) and I took my usual duck confit.

The duck confit used to come with mashed potato but they changed it to roasted potatoes. Meh. 😢


My main purpose of visiting Saveur.

The pistachio panna cotta. Still so, so crazily good!! 😍

We left with very happy bellies!

I actually didn’t renew my Entertainer App subscription for 2018 since ZL has it, so now we’re sharing. 🤗

Entertainer adventures I’ve been on recently

Stray By Fat Cat at Orchard Central!

It’s so near my store but I’ve yet to try it until last week. Haha. Really out of touch with the cafe scene already. 😂 Nowadays I’m much less into aesthetics when it comes to meals. Cheap and good works for me!

I think Entertainer App really provides impetus for me to try out new food haunts. 👌🏻

Don’t think I would ever think of visiting some places if not for it!

My pick was this wagyu beef bowl which came with a wobbly onsen egg and a very interesting pastel pink ginger foam by the side.

Added foie gras for additional $6 and I think it’s SO WORTH IT! 👌🏻 What a thick slab it was.

I think Tanuki Raw serves a similar beef bowl but sadly they’re not on Entertainer App lol. Guess I’ll be visiting Stray again when the craving for this hits!

@jongsy ordered the salmon yusheng don. I LOVE THE CONCEPT OF THIS!! 😂😂 maybe can bring my TTR staff there to 捞鱼生 this year. Lolol.

I’m HUGE on poke bowl places because poke bowls are both healthy AND yummy at the same time so why not???

Am so glad that there are many poke bowl places added to Entertainer throughout last year and at the start of this year.

I’ve visited Poke Doke twice and while the service left much to be desired, I really enjoyed the food there! 🐠

DIY your own bowl, or pick from their standards! This is pretty standard I guess?

Am very happy that ZL also loves and doesn’t mind having poke bowls with me regularly. ☺️☺️

I think there are two outlets for Poke Doke but we picked the one at Millenia Walk because we wanted to have desserts after. And there’s Patisserie G at Millenia Walk which is also under Entertainer App.

#win 😇

Checked out Patisserie G after dinner because they were also having offers on Entertainer. 😍

The thing about having the Entertainer is that… You might end up spending more calories than you would have. We usually order one cake to share after meals, but because of the one for one deal, we ended up having two. 😂😂

Double the joy but also double the fats.

Not regretting these one bit tho!!

If you’re at Millenia Walk, do also pop by The Dark Gallery for some ice cream if you have enough tummy space. Their chocolate ones are HEAVENLY. 😇

Too bad they’re not one for one!! 🙃

Another poke place on the app – Poke Lulu!

I foresee I will be frequenting this place regularly because it is right at Orchard Central. 😂

IT IS AWESOME THAT THERE ARE SO MANY ENTERTAINER OFFERS NEAR TTR STORE! Hurhur. Now I have more options. No need to take tori q all the time!

They serve up really decent poke too. Portion’s good as well!

Attempted to make use of the bike sharing system yesterday!

We were at ECP and spontaneously decided to try out the OFO bikes. But it was so rainy that we only managed to cycle for a while.

I must say it’s really convenient, fun and a good way to keep healthy!

If only more people can be civic minded and treat the bikes with care. I think this bike sharing idea is so fab!

We’ve also been doing a lot of furniture and homeware window shopping during the weekends, just for fun!

And it’s funny how salespeople always come rushing towards us wanting to make some sales. 😂

“What kind of mattresses are you guys looking for?” “When would you be needing this sofa? The earliest we can deliver is xx xx xx” “You can make a deposit first to secure the promotion price!”

Now we are such pros at asking and answering questions as if we are legit buyers.

We went back to Commune while we were at Millenia Walk to look at my dream leather sofa.

And then over the Harvey Norman to test sleep on mattresses. Found one which both of us liked! 😂

I’m really looking forward to doing actual shopping when we do get our own sweet home in future. 🙂

I was eyeing on this accessory tray up while we were doing our window shopping and admired it for a bit before deciding that it’s more of a want than a need.

Placed it back onto the shelf even though I really liked it! There were a few pieces of the same item but as they are all handmade from real wood branches and a marbled base, every piece is uniquely different.

ZL picked it up and declared that I shall be a owner of it. So now I am. 🙂

Really like the raw and organic finish of this. And the best part is, it serves as a decor item as much as it is functional.

Can’t wait to place my accessories on this.

All thanks to the sweetest boyfriend! ❤️ I LUV IT SO MUCH.

Ooh quick shoutout –

THE LAUNCH IS UP! 🤗 On both ttr.com and ttr.com.my!

I’ve been really enjoying the past few days of cuddle weather… ⛄️

I was telling ZL “I love being with you in this cuddle weather” and he squeezed his eyebrows together and looked at me weird. Says he’s never heard of this term before and if I invented it. 😂

“Why don’t you call it the hughug weather” #shitZLsays


He has new ways to annoy me all the time LOLOLLLL.

Other than being perfect for some snuggles, this is also the weather for…


Had this at PS food court yesterday night. It was soooo shiok to have this bowl of head numbingly spicy food in this air con temperature.

But not cheap tho everything came up to $10.10…? 😟 If I took ytf it would be half the price!



Now’s really the perf time to have steamboat!

I’m so pleased that I managed to convince ZL to have steamboat with me!! He’s super not 🙅🏻‍♀️ into steamboat so we’ve never had any before.

Actually I didn’t even have to try very hard. He gave me a list of food suggestions today and miraculously included steamboat in the mix. Of course I had to grab the chance!!

Photo to commemorate our FIRST ever steamboat in close to two years of dating. 😌✌🏻

“You want the dates?”

“I don’t need dates. You’re my only date.”

“We should have gone to a steamboat on our first date.”


“Then I can impress you with my gentlemanliness by cooking for you.”


Fried beancurd skin.

Part of the reason why I prefer BITP > HDL. Another reason is the collagen soup. SO SLURPING GUD.

Very pleased that I got ZL to share this wimme and now he has a changed (and positive) impression of steamboat!

Now he wants to visit BITP every other month. What a changed man. 😂

The complimentary yuzu sorbet which was such a fab palate cleanser!

BITP was awesome and so was my weekend.

We went cycling (again) around the estate to work off the calories we inhaled for the past two days. Whoop whoop. Now I’m feeling so rejuvenated and ready for the work week ahead!! 💪🏻

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