The way you make me feel ✨

You don’t need everyone to love you, just a few good people. 💛

I’m not someone who announces my emotions all over my face.

Even if I do, not many people can detect my changes in mood. But somehow, he has his way of telling. He knows when I’m being pensive, when I get just the tiniest bit upset, when I’m feeling awkward around people, when I am uncomfortable or when I’m just generally not feeling like myself.

Last night, right before we turned in, ZL took one glance at me asked me if I were okay. He said I had a bothered look on my face. I didn’t think I had any look on my face, maybe just the slightest furrowing of brows?

But I was deep in my own thoughts and was surprised that he could tell.

He checks on me from time to time, asking me “Are you okay?” more than he needs to. More than anyone has ever asked me, actually. And not just when I’m feeling sick. Haha.

I don’t know how I got to have someone so amazing in my life. I only hope I can do as much for him and be as thoughtful as he is for me.

Going to bed feeling all sorts of blessed. Goodnight, y’all. 💕


Looks like sunny days are back! 🌞

Decided that it’s a good day to use my Armani foundie! ✨

The texture and finish of this is pretty similar to the Dior one which I own. Can’t decide which I like better. Hmm.

Had ample time for the eyes and brows today and I like how they turned out!

Thankful that I still get the occasional afternoon cuppa amidst the craze of work. 😌

Oceans of Mentaiko –

Mentaiko butter cream sauce, NZ mussels (which weren’t very fresh lol) Hokkaido scallops, prawns, toast

This was @jongsy’s!

Maui Dream –

Jumbo crab lumps with mentaiko cream (which didn’t have a strong enough mentaiko flavour imo), toasted croissant, edamame, chilli scrambled eggs with cheese, tobiko

Copied all these straight from the menu. What a good lunch at Ninja Cut!

I recently embarked on a mini project… ✨

To do an overhaul for my personal website –!

For those of you who have been following my personal blog since years back, you would have known that I’ve started out from Livejournal, then got my own site at

But after I started Dayre, my website has been very neglected and forlorn looking most of the time. 😂 I couldn’t bear to let go of my url though, so I have been paying every month just to keep the domain intact.

Since the start of last year, I’ve been selling my personal pre-loved pieces on Shopee. Along with some earrings which I specially source for on some of my work/travel trips.

Everything’s great on Shopee BUT not everyone has a Shopee account or are willing to create one. And also, the lack of aesthetics or the ability to make the shop layout look nice frustrates me. 😂

I’ve also held a virtual flea on Dayre last year and the response was pretty awesome!

But I had to do invoicing manually, create wait list manually and also release the items which are not being paid for after 24 hours manually.

Everything was so manual. 😩😩😩


I exported my blog posts from and turned it into a shopping platform!

Now you can cart out properly and all!

No more manual work for me!

You don’t need to create an account to buy my preloved clothing!

You can make payment using debit/credit card!

Everything looks pretty on the website! (But really this is just to make myself happy more than anything else hahaha)

It’s just for fun but I even tried to create a logo for my website. LOLOLLLLL. I was evidently too bored.

I like this one with the quirky pattern! But I thought that the circular one looks cuter on label stickers. (Yes I printed stickers for packaging too hahaha 😂)

Also made my own earring backings. Still got my url on it okay!! #soserious 😂😂😂

Sorry guys it’s still password protected cause I have yet to finish uploading everything I wanna sell. 😌

But I can give you guys a sneak peek first!!

So this is how the homepage is gonna look like on your mobile phones!

It looks much prettier on desktops tho. Heh.

Desktop version!

Earrings are under Lifestyle, while preloved clothes are under… Pre-loved. Duh. Hahahaha.

I have another category called Travel where I’m selling all my travel related items.

Like these bags I brought along on my Chiang Mai trip!

Some of you were asking about the ESCAPE carry-all canvas tote bag when I posted that on Dayre.

Finally gonna be putting it up for sale!

It’s a pretty good size for travelling! It held my tripod stand, small sling bag, two pairs of shoes, straw hat and jacket very comfortably. I got it for my own travels because how can I pass up a cute canvas tote which has the word ESCAPE plastered over it????

I saw the same tote bag at a few other shops but all got spelling error. Instead of ESCAPE, theirs had ECSAPE. Lol. Idk whether it was on purpose but I cannot. ✋🏻

When I finally hunted down this one (with perfect spelling), I decided to bring in a few extra pieces to sell! Was gonna list it on Shopee but I procrastinated for the longest time.

So I decided to just “launch” it together with my revamped site!

This is made of super thick and sturdy canvas material and can take a lot of weight. 👌🏻 So insta-worthy too!! It looked really good on top of my luggage. Hehe.

Also putting this bag up for sale!

It makes a good bag for travelling because it takes up very little luggage space. Haha. I’m very practical when I pack for travelling. Luggage space is precious, limited and expensive!

This bag is collapsible and can be easily packed into your luggage.

I love the beach vibes of this bag!!

The inner pouch is detachable. You can remove it, dump a magazine and a bottle of sunscreen inside and this bag would be perfect for the beach. 🌴

Close up of the part where the inner pouch is being attached to the bag. ☺️

Quality of this bag is really, really good as well!

I went on a earrings buying spree recently and so I have some new earring designs up for sale!

Also migrated some of the newer designs from Shopee over to the new site. Heh.

I actually brought in a whole lot of earrings but I’ve been so lazy to shoot them and post them up. Hopefully with this new site I’ll be more diligent in updating the new designs? Heh.

This pastel pink tassel pair which I wore with Miki Mesh Embroidery Romper will also be available when I live the site!

This cute bohemian fan earring too!

I have this in red, yellow and orange. So perf for the festive season ahead no? 😌

Yellow’s cute too!! 💛

As for pre-loved, I only had time to upload 16 products. Maybe after CNY I’ll do a massive wardrobe spring clean and upload more!!

Selling Larisa Ruffles Romper (White Florals) for $18!

Only worn once and OOS on TTR.

Most of the items listed are only lightly worn once or twice, actually.

Sadie Ruffles Spag Top (Seafoam) is going for $14, also OOS on TTR!

Still got others but I’m not gonna post them all here. Y’all can go check them out when I live the site later at midnight! ✨

No no, I’m not selling my Sage Wrap Front Maxi.


Other than pre-loved clothes, I’ll also be selling some of my bags/shoes/random stuff which are well maintained and in good condition!

Most of them are still very new but I really don’t have room for them. Lol and erm I haven’t had time to take photos of other stuff so it’s only this bag for now. Hahaha.

I got this from Topshop some time back and paid $90! Only selling for $25 and it’s almost as good as brand new. 👌🏻

Opening special – <DAYREFAM10> for 10% off! Valid till 31 Jan hehehe 😇

Shipping would be $2 and I’ll be sending out every purchase via courier. 😌💛

I’ll also package everything nicely and include a small handwritten note!

Omg okay don’t talk so much already. I need to go upload some more items before midnight so that I can live the site in time later!!! BRB!

Anddddd it’s launched!!


LOL idk why but I’m feeling so ecstatic over this. Hahaha. Okay bye. Have fun shopping!! And remember to use the discount code~

Thanks for all the LOVE, will mail out your items tomorrow~ 🤗💛

Almost all my pre-loved items got sold last night within an hour, so I got around to posting a few more since I couldn’t sleep till 4am.

Will probably be adding more this week so that you guys can use the discount code!! 🙌🏻

Also included this!

I still have 4 other colours for Diya lolol. 🙃

Of course, being so extra I had to do up an IG account also. Hahaha. I guess it’s also easier to inform everyone when I post new items up?

You can follow @shop.joycesayshello!! ✨

I promise to post only the pretty things! 🙌🏻

Packing my first earring order with the round sticker and a little handwritten thank you note, both designed by me! 😌❤️

This is more fun than I thought it would be even tho it’s taking me forever to even pack ONE parcel. LOL.

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