Workspace motivation + CNY BACKORDERS UP!

It was such an arduous task having to drag myself out of bed this morning. 😩😩😩 I’m sure most of you share the same sentiments.

Really wishing this cool spell will last for another week at least! 🤞🏻

Today, I got down to redecorating and tidying some parts of my workspace.

It’s been long since I tidied up my mess. /shifty eyes 👀

Whenever the workload gets heavy, my workspace starts looking dishevelled. Can’t deny the direct correlation there. Haha.

I think I would only have the energy to do a major spring clean post CNY, but for now I’ll settle for making my favourite corners look aesthetically pleasing. 💪🏻

Upper shelf consists of a collection of my favourite things – a stalk of cotton flower, Wonderwoodworld print in A3 size, a whisky glass bearing my initial, handmade birthday card by Auds and a tiny pink vase with dried blushing brides.

The bottom shelf is just filled with random books and magazines. LOL. And an inspirational print!

It’s always been my dream to own a bookshelf of my own but now that I finally have one, idk what to put on it. 😂

Other than displaying some of the pretty items I own, photo frames, books, I also use the bookshelf for storage. Haha.

I could def do with having more storage space tho.

We always underestimate the size we need for our office and therefore always on the lookout to move to a bigger unit once our lease is up. Lol.

Brought this to the office today as well. ✨

Also unboxed a very cute parcel today!

I got it two weeks back but it’s been war at work lately so I never got around to opening it. Since I was gonna do some sprucing up for the workspace today, I decided to unbox it cause it was gonna be useful! 🤗

Letter Soirée ✨

Comes with a pretty blue twine wrapped around it! 😍

So pretty cannot waste. Kept it aside for repurposing!

Kinda therapeutic to do, wrenching the letters off the plastic spines. 😌

I like that there are at least 5-6 of each alphabet!

No prizes for guessing which word I picked to do first! 🙈

#workdesksituation ✨

Words are always a great source of inspiration and motivation to me whenever I feel like I’m stuck in a rut.

And so I try to surround myself with words on positivity at the workspace!

My fav mug from Typo which says ‘Dream On, Dreamer”!


Forgot where I got this from but this comes in handy whenever I feel like I need to take deep breaths.

Which is very often, lately.

And this one from The Paper Bunny which I’ve featured in a couple of my flatlays before – ‘Hustle and heart will set you apart’. 💪🏻❤️

And with this letterboard from Letter Soirée, I can now do my own motivational quotes and change them from time to time! 🤗

Did this quote to remind myself to stop doubting and start believing. ✨

This makes such a good flatlay prop + decor item. Really have to thank @tofulove for gifting one to me. Can’t wait to get creative with it!

News Flash – backorders are now opened!!!!

Took us some time to get backorders up because

1) the factory is already operating at max capacity as it is

2) the factory workers are leaving for their hometowns very, very soon and have no time to take in extra orders



So here’re the items on backorder (which will arrive in time for CNY!)

Nixon Flare Top in White, Black and Nude Pink! 👌🏻

Primrose Wrap Front Maxi in White Florals 👌🏻

Iris Flutter Romper in Navy Florals and White Florals 👌🏻


Adora Fishtail Dress in Blue Florals and White Florals 👌🏻

So so so happy that we managed to confirm backorders for this dress cause I know many of you have been asking about it! ☺️☺️☺️

#TTR #thetinselrack

There are also a couple of items which we are checking for backorders, but gotta wait for the factory to purchase the fabric before we confirm!

Some fabrics are seasonal and might be oos. We’re waiting with bated breaths right now for Miki Mesh Embroidery Romper, Sage Wrap Front Maxi and Hyacinth Frilly Romper. 🤞🏻🤞🏻

Btw, all backorder slots are limited (because of factory’s capacity) so fastest fingers first yeah? We won’t be able to add more slots once these are filled up!

And also, this coming collection onwards, we would not be able to do anymore backorders.

I mean, we can, but they won’t arrive in time for CNY. 🙁

Hope to come back with good news of the pending backorders soon! 😇

More good news!! 💮

Backorder is now open for Sage Wrap Front Maxi in Black Florals!

Anddddd the Hyacinth Frilly Romper in both Black Florals and White Florals!

We don’t have many slots but that’s the best the factory can do.

Still waiting on news for Miki Mesh Embroidery Romper~

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