Waffle Maker Ideas!

100% agree. 😂

My sleep cycle has officially gone haywire again. Idk why but it has been SO DIFFICULT for me to drift off into sleep these days. ☹️☹️☹️

Sleep has been fitful rather than fruitful for the past two weeks.

Maybe there’s just too much on my mind. I foresee I’ll only get good sleep once this period of insanity at work is over.

The lack of proper sleep has gotten to me so bad that I couldn’t even muster the energy to do anything over the weekends.

Spent it (mostly) lazing at home with ZL.

Just as well, actually. Since next weekend will be spent on work, work and more work.

My energy this Monday is so blue and low. 🙇🏻‍♀️

Oh okay actually I did something – made waffles for breakfast on Sunday since it was ZL’s first time properly staying over at my place.

He’s been going on about wanting to have waffles made by me and he finally did! 🎉

Didn’t take any photos of the waffles *gasp*. Not even with my phone. That was how restless I was feeling. Lol.

Got the recipe off Chubby Hubby and the feedback from both ZL and my mum were good!

Think I’ll be giving it another go with minor tweaks. Shall make it for the sisters one day this week since I have leftover buttermilk.


We managed to secure limited backorder slots for Halia Maxi Lace Dress which will be arriving by CNY! ✨✨

Only in White though, since it’s the only colour which does not have to go through the dyeing process and saves us a few days on production.

Some of you are asking us if we have any pastel colours coming up for bridesmaid dresses..

We’ll see what we can do once the factory reopens after CNY. 🤗

CNY promotion in stores 🎊

I think this is the first time ever that we’ve run a promotion of any sort during CNY.

With every $108 spent at our Orchard Gateway retail outlet, you’ll receive a $28 TTR angbao to be used on your next purchase of min $58 spent!

This will be really worth it if you’ve your eyes set on a few items. Or you could bring your girlfriends along so that you can hit the minimum purchase easily. 🙃

We’re also having the same promo over at our Paradigm Mall outlet in PJ~

Free 88RM angbao with 250RM spent! 💯

Just a lil pick me up reminding me that I’VE GOT THIS. 💪🏻

(And also, check out that lovely tropical floral print we’ve got for you this week!!!)

Monday was short-ish but it felt so long for me. So mentally exhausted right now. Gonna get some chores done before snuggling up in bed with Friends. Can’t believe I’m only getting to it now!

My find from NTUC earlier on – this fresh coconut drink is the perfect solution for lazy people like me who loves both coconut water + coconut flesh!! 😋

Check out that ball of snow white coconut flesh.

Yknow how some people say if the water is sweet then the flesh would be less soft and yummy, and vice versa? Well. This one is BOTH.


SO GOOD. Gonna grab this whenever I do my grocery runs from now on!

Ooooh look at this egg cheese hash brown thingy! 😋😋

Googling for waffle iron ideas now because I’ve been wanting to get more mileage out of my waffle maker.

And I’ve seen some youtube videos using it as more than a uni-tasker. Which sounds like a good idea to ma cause I don’t know how many times I can make waffles before my family gets sick of them LOLOL.

Waffle iron rosti with a sunny side up also makes a good breakfast alternative. 🍳

Omelette waffle! 😍

Shall try and make this soon, so much healthier than a regular waffle.

You can also make cookies with a waffle iron…? I wonder how the texture would turn out to be!! 🤔

Seems like you can also make brownies with the waffle maker. 😍

Gotta bookmark all these and try them out for myself one day. I wonder if they will turn out to be flops. Haha. Seems too easy to be true.


This sweet potato rosti looks just amazing??!!

The waffle maker also heats up overnight glazed donuts perfectly!! 😍😍

Never realised what a worthy investment my waffle maker makes. Haha. Time to start using it more often. 😇

Okay this is making me really hungry. Goodnight all!!!!!

Looking forward to making some waffles tomorrow!

🥞 no waffle emoji so this pancake one shall do for now.

Planning for our 美杏锅 🍲 (@jazreeltan 🙂) this Friday is also making me VERY HUNGRY.

That shall be the highlight of my week!!

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