Thursdays Fun Days 🌻

It’s THAT day of the week again!

Although you’ll probably be seeing me dayre about upcoming items more often from today onwards because…



Everything is happening too fast, HALPPP.

Gonna TRY my best to update throughout the day today, pardon me if I go missing because we’re having our last full day shoot today as well. Busy, busy!

Meh running on 4 hour sleep is no fun when you have a full 8 hour shoot ahead of you.

First on today’s list is this happy looking yellow dress! ✨

This is actually a remake of the Harlyn Cross Back Dress but………

Silly factory people did the entire batch without the cross back. 🙅🏻‍♀️ This is what I mean when I say that they make me speechless sometimes.

But anyway, I’m pretty neutral about cross straps so straight straps suit me fine too!

This time round, we have this lovely asymmetrical hem piece in two new colours – this cute mustard colour and a classy forest green!

Bringing back the Black, Navy Palm Leaves and White Palm Leaves as well~ 🌴

Specially put on my yellow tassel earrings to match it. Heh.

If you’re not into red or pink colours for CNY, yellow is a very good alternative in my opinion. Like 🍍 LOLOL.

This was the previous cross strap piece which I almost didn’t keep. Glad I caught a piece in time and wore it to the grand opening of our Paradigm store! ✌🏻

Will be launching this print too, but do note that this time round it’s STRAIGHT STRAPS yeah?

(I still wanna roll my eyes whenever I think about the mistakes my factory made throughout this entire CNY period. 🙄)

The rest of Sunday’s collection are centred around this pretty tropical floral print which comes in Pink and Navy! 🤗

My personal favourite piece from this collection is this – Halston Tie Back Maxi Dress. No doubt about it! ☺️

This is one of those pieces which I eagerly look forward to since the day we place orders with the factory. Haha.

For those of you who are looking for the not-so-oriental floral prints so that you can continue getting mileage out of your buys beyond CNY, this collection is a good place to start.

You won’t be looking out of place when you wear this out for your weekend brunch dates. 😉

So swishy when I walk!

Stick-ons are recommended for this dress but if your back strap is thin, it would probably work too…?

Anyway, you can adjust the back ribbon however tight you want it to be, so even with stick-ons it’s somewhat secure!

Really loving the back view of this piece.

Am I 背多分 yet??? 😂😂😂

This dress also comes in a solid forest green colour for those who aren’t big on prints. 🙌🏻

And this, fresh from today’s shoot (which is still ongoing)!

I feel like an octopus today. So many things screaming for my attention. 🐙

Light and flowy just the way I like it.

Also got to try out my new lens today, whoopee!

Obsessed. 😍

There’s forest green tooooooo. 🌳

For all you avid collectors of rompers…

We have a really cute one in this print!

I love how the overlapping front hem resembles petals. 😌

I hardly keep pieces in pink but this one got me going 😍😍😍!

Even @jongsy was surprised when I bagged the pink one home. Haha. She’s usually the pinky one.

Straps are fully adjustable, and I’m very pleased with the pleat front details which turned out better than we envisioned. We initially did this design in a softer material which didn’t really work for the pleats.

Changed it to a more structured fabric and it’s really 💯💯💯 for me now!



Floral rompers are always a huge focus of our CNY collections because they’re pretty and so easy to pop on!

It’s such a bad idea to put the model photos next to mine… But I shall sacrifice to show you guys all the colours! 😂

Can’t decide whether I like Navy or Pink for this print. Luckily I don’t need to decide for real. Kept Navy for the maxi and Pink for the romper! 😌✌🏻

Btw, we have this romper in size XL, on top of our usual XS to L!

It’s been a loooooong day.

But all’s good cause we had a real good shoot!

BRB with the previews!!!

Our last item in this week’s drop is this frilly little number! ☺️

There’s a sash along with every piece for those who prefer the waist cinched. 🙂

Btw, model is standing at 178cm tall so the dress appears unusually short. LOL.

There’s white as well~ 😇

I wasn’t particularly enthralled by this design initially, but I have to say, it’s growing on me. 😂

Trapeze dresses are perfect for hiding your CNY food bump! Gotta make way for all those pineapple tarts right? 🙌🏻

Can’t wait to wear my piece out tomorrow!

Meanwhile, just gonna slap on my Innisfree Oatmeal mask. I DESERVE THIS. 😌✨

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