Starting our midweek collections!


Waking up like this is one of the best feelings in the world!

Oh I forgot to share about yesterday’s post shoot brunch which @serlynthinks brought us for at Birch! ✨

My kind of interior.

#interiorgoals 💯💯💯

Gorgeously sunlit with lots of greenery, kinda reminds me of PS cafe!

We ordered the Kimchi Soft Shell Crab Fried Rice and this crabby pumpkin-y porridge. The Lemon Ricotta Hotcakes came last and we totally failed at wiping that clean. But everything tasted good! Or maybe we were just hungry after the shoot. Hahaha.

But still. A place I would return to!

Check it out when you’re in KL, Petaling Jaya area! 👌🏻

My weakness for brown leather sofas. Sigh. 😍

I realise I didn’t finish previewing for Wednesday’s launch.

So HI!

I’m here again.

#TTR #thetinselrack

The same lace dress which I previewed yesterday!

And yupp, I got my ootd taken before our photoshoot started. 😂😂 Since we had the whole place to ourselves for half an hour before the model arrived, why not?

My pick is this rich terracotta shade, the most festive and bold colour from the colour palette of this dress. Haha.

If you have very traditional parents/relatives when it comes to wearing red during CNY, they would be delighted to see you in this. 😂

I think it’s the first time we ever picked this colour for our lace designs!

Thought it’s quite interesting since it’s way more wearable than red (on normal days), and more adventurous compared to the usual soft pinks that we do.

Whenever we do items with eyelash lace trimmings, they cost way more than if we do without. For the same design!

But I love them so much so we still went ahead with them.


This dress would be perfect for a date night too! Maybe for Valentine’s Day?

White’s always a classic when it comes to lace!

And Navy’s always the most flattering.

I kept Grey for the top version of the dress, so I gave the dress a miss.

Idk why but I’m really drawn to the Grey for this lace top…. 😌

And me being me, I decided to pair this with Bondi Flowy Pants. 😂


Fav combi 😍😍😍

This lace top is really versatile actually.

Easy when it comes to matching with all your printed skirts/shorts!

Here’s how it looks like from the back!

Just wanted to quickly note this down for memory’s sake. Had a really good meal with Clarice, 3 hours just flew by gosh. 😂

We shared business owner woes, supplier troubles and a sinful sticky date pudding from PS cafe.

It was the first time we met but it definitely won’t be the last. It’s rare to find people who KNOW, you know?

So psyched for our upcoming collaborative plans! 🙌🏻


The good news which came out of our dinner convo is that…

You will be able to get Mackenzie in the store as INSTOCKS from this Sunday onwards!!


Once we sell out this current batch, we won’t be able to restock until AFTER CNY. So brace yourselves okay! It’s THIS Sunday!

Ohkay back to shop talk.


Here you can also catch a lil sneak peek of an upcoming skirt in the print that so many of you were exclaiming about. 😉

I’m actually wearing this White piece today but uhoh I think I won’t be able to get any shots of it since it’s pouring… 😴

Update – In the end I managed to get it shot. Yay to not having to repeat outfits tomorrow!

Terracotta! 💃🏼

Couldn’t resist tops in this cutting so… Kept White. 😂

Presenting to you…

The stills I edited from yesterday’s shoot!

These days, I barely have time to breathe. It’s back to back to back work.

ZL keeps comforting me by saying that Bali is coming soon. But I tell him it is not soon enough. 😂

I can’t help but to feel that this model resembles Joanne Peh!!

It’s not just me right???

Got xiao Peh feel??


Added it with a warm filter to enhance the old school rustic charm and I’m really adoring how this set of photos turned out. ☺️

Decided to squeeze (and I really do mean squeeze) some time to manage my tresses before CNY. Headed to Covo to get some love for my hair. 💕

Since I’m having some time on my hands, I shall continue spamming your eyes with shots from our first KL shoot. Hahaha.

Famous swing of Merchant’s Lane.

My winning entry from this photoshoot. It’s a close fight between this and another photo but waaaa ALL THE FEELS in this photo.

Okay enough self praise lolol talk to you guys later am gonna get my hair washed. Can’t wait to see the colour I end up with!



We’re on the lookout to have more people on our retail team in KL!

Our store is located at Paradigm Mall btw.

Send me your resume at if you’re keen in joining our team! 😇 Part time positions available!

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