Running out of Thursday captions… 🏃🏻‍♀️

How is it Thursday again already???

Woke up this morning, looked at the date and realised that I’ll be posting previews for this Sunday’s collection today.


3 more launches to my much needed break.

Let’s go! 💪🏻

Let’s start off with something red. 👹

(Idk how come my brow looks so badly drawn in this photo lolol.. IRL it looked okay 😦)

Red + mandarin collar.

I was telling @jongsy in the car, “I just need two oranges to complete my bai nian look!”

And just then we drove past this stretch of houses along Joo Chiat…



Is this the universe giving me what my heart desires???

Hahaha. We were so tickled by the fact that we chanced upon an orange tree without even trying to look for it!!

Still can’t get over the oranges… 😂

But anyway!

This romper with a slight oriental charm is probably our most “CNY” design, with the cute mandarin collar and lace bodice.

I’m not particularly into cheongsams so we decided to give it a little twist and did an oriental style romper instead!

It’s form fitting at the top which accentuates your waist nicely, and has a cute flare skirting at the bottom. 🏮

Say first ah. I DID NOT 🙅🏻‍♀️ pluck that mini orange off the tree. It was just lying on the floor. That’s why I’m only holding one instead of two hahaha.

Also comes in white as well! ☺️

Oh and!! All items previewed here are available at the store already. 💮

The red lips look work really well with this white piece. 💋

THIS is also one of my favourite photos from the photoshoot we did the other day. 🤩

Navy gives a more subtle allure compared to the other two colours, that’s for sure.


We have given out all our angbaos for online purchases!

Only left with limited packets at the store.

Thought we wouldn’t be be able to finish giving them out this year but I guess we thought wrong. Haha.

If you’re looking to get a piece with more mileage to wear for work/functions after CNY, I highly recommend this piece!

There’s also eyelash lace for this piece. Lol. My obsession knows no bounds.

There’re nice small slits at both sides to allow easy walking!

Perfect piece for work, play and CNY! 😂

I initially wanted to keep the blush pink because the colour is so sweet..!! And dainty!

But alas this pink dress and I are not meant to be. Both sisters voted against this so I stuck to white. Would really have loved to wear this in pink though!

White is still my best friend.

We didn’t do the inner lining fully so that the pretty lace can be seen better.

I love love loveeee the lace fabric we picked for this dress. The flowers on the lace are spaced apart and it looks really intricate.

Interrupting the flow of my post just to show you guys my truffle wanton mee which was delivered by an ubereats driver with the most terrible navigation skills. 😛

You know life is hectic when you’re having lunch at the desk at 4.30pm. Looking forward to having my laze on the beach days in Bali after this craaaazy period. But I know I will miss being busy too. Really FWP.

Back to updating!

Of all the lace designs we did, this is a surprise favourite for me.

It makes me feel (and look) and more like a lady than usual. Haha.

I really like coordinating my earrings and outfit colour nowadays. 😂

Oooh and!

This dress comes in sizes XS to XL!

These days, I live for little pockets of happiness and perk-me-ups like…

My fav Pandan Coconut Drink from Fruce!


Sorry in advance, I abuse the Bondi Flowy Pants too much, I know.

This cute little drop shoulder number is also in this week’s collection, in the same print that so many of you love on the Theora Flare Sleeve Romper.

The top comes with inner boning on the side with the drape, to hold it up and give it better shape.

Took us so long to persuade the factory to do the boning for us, because it’s extra work. And when the first sample came, I almost fainted cause they only inserted HALF the boning. Geez. Factory woes aside, I’m glad we insisted and stuck to it cause it gives such a nice structure to the top.

Still very much in love with this gorgeous, pastel floral print! 😍

We have a matching skirt for this top, actually. But I didn’t wear them together cause I wanted to keep that look for this weekend. 😛

If today’s entry feels like it’s going on forever…



Sorry not sorry, too many things to preview!!

So anyway, I decided to wear the skirt with Bloom Halter Top in White. If I have time to take photos of the set when I wear it this weekend, I’ll post it up!

Just dropped the skirts in store earlier and the moment I was done ironing them, they were all gone from the racks! Saw so many people trying it on just now! 😊

Also, this is the last design we did in this print. No more of this print from next collection on. Hahaha. But this won’t be the last of floral prints from us! 😉

Lace, florals and pearls are one of the girliest combinations around.

Wearing my new pair of Keds from their Kate Spade bridal series which just dropped in their stores! ☺️💕

The previous glitter ones were gone in a jiffy and I know a lot of you bride-to-bes are still looking for comfy wedding sneakers.

Well, the new collection is just as pretty and Pinterest worthy.

Will leave you guys hanging a bit and talk about their new collection another entry.

Don’t wanna make this post any longer… 😂 Else you’ll hate me for making you do too much scrolling. Hahaha.

This is how it looks like when worn as a matching set. So sweet and feminine right?? 🤩

Another well received design at the store would be this high collar lace top. Also letting you steal a peek at the upcoming floral print we have in stored for you, 😉!

That ray of sunlight, right there.


This is made with the same lace fabric as the sleeved dress I previewed above!

I love it when there’s some sense of consistency between the items in one collection. But sadly that’s not always possible because of the factory schedule and shipment schedules.

Hopefully we can push out more coherent and well thought out collections this year! 💪🏻

Like the lace dress, there’s also Navy. 💮

And like I said, white is truly my best friend. ☺️☺️☺️

We were toying with the idea of making this into mandarin collar but eventually vetoed it because you’ll get more mileage without. 🙂

Love the eyelash lace peeking out from the hem! 😍😍

Okay and that’s it guys!!

I’m done and will get to replying the comments tomorrow~

#TTR #thetinselrack

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