Instablogging + Trying out WordPress 📝

It’s a strange, strange day today.

I woke up with a hollow feeling in my heart. Usually, I tap into Dayre first thing when I wake up. But today, I fought the urge to.

Trying to kick a habit is so hard. But if I can kick other habits, this I can, too.

I’ll probably still be writing till 28 Feb, but idk. It’s a confusing period. Idk where’s the first place I should go when I have thoughts to share, or when something interesting happens, or when ZL says shit.

My thoughts on instablogging 💭

When the news about Dayre broke, it sent many of us scrambling.

Scrambling to backup posts, scrambling to look for another place which feels even remotely like home.

Some of you went to Weblogit, some are migrating to WordPress, some found new homes on Stellar, another few suggested Medium.

Well. I downloaded all of them. But other than registering for an account, I haven’t been able to muster up any enthusiasm to explore either of those platforms.

Instinctively, I went over to IG first because other than Dayre, that is social media platform I spend most of my time on.

It’s not Dayre, but at least I don’t feel that it’s a completely foreign place to be.

I can toggle between my different ig accounts easily, I’m familiar with the functions and most of you guys are on IG as well.

It’s just a little difficult to adjust back to getting personal on IG again, but other than that, it’s not too bad.

Idk how but some of you even managed to find my private account. 😂 Are yall with the FBI or something? 😂😂 Please don’t add me there tho, unless I know you on a personal level. It’s really more of a friends only account.

IG is as easy to update on the go for me. But I’m not used to seeing my updates in neat little squares like this.

But then I realised there’s another way to view my feed!

You can go to my profile and tap on this!

Then my posts will come out in the format of a feed. The sequence is off though. It’s anti chronological. And it bugs me that it’s not categorised by days/posts. 😭 But still. Mai hiam for now la.

Another thing I like about instablogging is that – my rants can go on ig stories.

Fleeting thoughts which should remain fleeting will disappear after 24 hours.

Plus point!

Of cos even with all the plus points and ease of use, IG is not gonna be the same as Dayre in terms of this amazing and tight knit community.

I don’t think anywhere else is gonna come as close, tbh.

Everyone is so scattered now.

I’ve been so used to scrolling through Dayre when I have free pockets of time.

And now that this app is going to disintegrate in a matter of days, I’m gonna have to track down where each of the Dayreans whom I have been following is heading to, just so that I can continue reading about their days. 😔

I just hate that everything is so all over the place.

Was just sharing this thought on ig stories last night and a few fellow Dayreans like @sweetpea, @gilliansng, @missgoob and @fatfolds told me they could relate. 😢


But life still goes on…

Tonight, we’re having our final CNY launch on #TTR.

It’s so bittersweet that this will be the last ever launch that I will be sharing on Dayre. 😢 I also don’t think I’ve ever used this emoji quite as much.

The mood when I was writing this post – @joycesayshello:080218 was a vastly different one from now.

A few of you were telling me that this is a very suitable wedding shoot/solemnisation dress, as with Halia!

I AGREE. 🙋🏻‍♀️

And this piece which reminds me of a strawberry slushie. 😂

Wore black the other day (posted the photo above) and it’s such a lovely date night piece!

Another cute piece we’ll be launching in an hour’s time!

And this mesh embroidery romper which I haven’t gotten around to wearing!

See you guys at the launch later!! 👋🏻

Launch’s up! 🌻

Now that most of the work for new collections is done, I got to work on other things on my to-do-list.

For one, someone’s birthday falls on the first day of CNY this year so I gotta really rack my brains on a decent celebration plan even tho he tells me unyieldingly that he doesn’t want any celebration or gifts, and that I can just meet him on that day and he’ll be happy enough.

Why guys like that ah?

Making my life difficult only. 😂

Trying out WordPress for a bit because I used to be on WordPress (for a good couple of years) before shifting over fully to Dayre, and it feels somewhat familiar altho they upped their app game quite a bit.

I’m on because I forgot how to log in to LOL. 😂

Trying out this copying and pasting over thing and it’s really easy too! But I think I’ll probably only be doing it for the posts I really don’t wanna lose.

Okay @hoppypoppyz just told me that copying and pasting might not work cause the photos are hosted by dayre and will likely disappear when they shut down the app for good.

BOOOOO. Looks like it’s back to good ol’ pdf files.

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