Continuing with life (updates) 🌻

So far…

I have a grand total of 2 posts on WordPress.

One testing post just to see how it looks like when posted/how it feels like to update using the app, and the other one is my favourite post from Dayre – the story of how I met ZL.

It’s so disconcerting now that I’m all over the place.

Thank you to all of you who have followed me running around too. 😢

But eventually when the dust settles, I’m sure I’ll find some place comfortable enough.

Now that we’re done with the last CNY launch, we’re on to something which is JUST AS EXCITING.


We’re collaborating with 5 brands this time round and each of them have generously agreed to give away 5 sets of items in celebration of 50k followers!

First brand we’re working with would be no stranger to you – Foundry and Co. Also known to be one of our resident brands on #TTR. 🤗

We’ll be giving away 5 pairs of these Oriental inspired pearl and tassel earrings on our IG today and tomorrow. 😍

Love them so much that I bought a pier of these myself.. Gonna match them with my CNY outfits! ✨ Speaking of which, CNY is happening in less than 5 days and Bali is happening in a week.


I haven’t even started planning for Bali omg.

Today, a chance encounter I had gave me a glimmer of hope for Dayre and this community. 🌻

Gonna go on my long awaited CNY break soon so I didn’t even bother with a camera for nice ootds. Taken with iPhone. Can la right? 😂

Alrighty, go have a good day you guys!!

I’m off to get some lunch + work done. Check back in again when I have time on my hands!

I know I’ve said that I would be previewing store exclusives.


Tomorrow. Hehe.


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