His mum

This was how my morning started. A cup of my usual coffee. Salted egg yolk cookies from Sugar & Tease, gifted by ZL’s mum.

Can you see that it’s already more than half gone? 😋 And I only just opened it yesterday!

It’s so crumbly and crazily addictive. I love how they added grounded laksa leaves to these little morsels of savoury goodness. Wanted to order more for CNY + share about it on IG, but boo guess what? They stopped taking in orders for CNY on 5 Feb. 😩😩

His mum is the sweetest.

She’s always warm and welcoming when I head over to theirs; always extending family dinner invites to me. When I started staying over, she got me a bolster of my own because she knows that I don’t sleep well without one.

Yesterday she sent a concerned text asking me if I was feeling troubled? Was it because ZL was not treating me well?

I could hardly tell her that I was feeling distraught over the weekends because of Dayre’s impending closure (LOL how to explain my attachment to an app?!!! 😂) so I told her it’s work and that it’ll blow over soon.

But my point is… She noticed.

She’s definitely one of the blessings in my life which came together with this blessing called ZL. 🙂

On the topic of blessings, this Crabtree & Evelyn package came for me in time for Valentine’s Day! I already have the Pear & Magnolia bodywash from my previous package from them, LOVED IT! 💖

The pretty rose gold box came with Violet and Almond cookies, and Rose Tea. Gonna pass them along to ZL’s mum cause I know she’ll enjoy them more than I do. So I didn’t open it up. Sorry guys!! The box is really nice for gifting! 😍😍

It’s a Valentine’s Day limited edition box, so get it while they’re still in stores!

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