Back from Bali!

Just got back from Bali and to realising that majority of the people I follow on Dayre have already shifted/exported their posts to WordPress.

What a difference a week makes in the world of social media!

Haven’t checked out the exporting function for myself but I’ll probably do so tonight, after I wrap up my last bit of CNY celebrations.

I had such a refreshing 5 days break in Bali 🌴, and I’m being hit soooooo bad with post holiday withdrawals now.

We lounged by our villa’s private pool, had a good dose of good and affordable food, brought cheese and crackers back at night to celebrate our second Tinderversary 😍, and spent lots of time just chilling and doing nothing in general.

Will probably get around to sharing snippets about the trip, work starts on Monday so I hope I’ll be able to find time!



I just did it guys. All 898 posts now safely tucked away on WordPress!! Was telling ZL that today is one of the happiest days in my life. Lol. Don’t think I’m exaggerating at all. I can be a little too sentimental sometimes and these memories are worth the world to me.

You can make a donation to onΒ I already did!!

The person who did this is really beyond amazing. I’M SOOOOOO THANKFUL.

I feel so free and unhindered when it comes to blogging again now that everything is somewhat settled. No need to update all over the place anymore – this place is starting to feel like home already!

😩 On a side note, it’s not funny how we’ve seen each other straight for 6 days and I still miss him right now, after parting ways for less than 12 hours. Withdrawal symptoms are so real. Ugh.

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