Picnic Planning

Planning for a rustic botanical theme picnic 🌿 to hangout with the sisters this Sunday!!

  • Popped by IKEA Tampines just now to grab some items to style up the picnic [In partnership with IKEA]
  • Made logistic list of items to get – containers etc!
  • Ordered food off Redmart and struck off some items on my food list
  • Booked the sisters and made them keep their schedules clear
  • Ask mum to bathe Xiaobai before the picnic so that she looks adorable and fluffy!
  • Research on waffles sandwiches ideas on Pinterest!!

Anddddd I think I’m almost done? CAN’T WAIT FOR SUNDAY! The next vacation is far away but little events like these keep me going too. β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•

The person who has been with me to IKEA the most number of times – whenever we shift offices/open up new TTR outlets/need props for shoots

Was an awesome time just strolling around!

On an important side note, this IKEA curry puff is so unassuming but SO GOOD. I usually go for the hot dogs at the food kiosk but today I gave this a chance and it blew me away. $1 for this amazing puff with curried potato and egg filling! 5 for $4!

Of cos we got 5.


Right now, I’m bubbling over with excitement and can’t wait till Sunday comes around… Really wanna show you guys what I ended up getting from IKEA!


From our last picnic, we realised that…

Having a plastic picnic mat sucks. It traps all the perspiration and feels AWFUL to sit on! This time round, we got smarter and got ourselves a fabric mat instead. Heh.

Okay gtg! Will be back to share about the picnic when I can!

P.S. for those who are asking about TTR updates, we’re doing a MAJOR ONLINE WAREHOUSE SALE this weekend. Will give more info in the next few days~

For now, we have this promo ongoing over at our retail space – Orchard Gateway #02-17A!

Till 4 Mar! ☺️

6 thoughts on “Picnic Planning

  1. Wheee can’t wait to see the picnic styling confirm damn on point 🀩🀩 And RedMart is shiok!! I ordered for my steamboat everything damn gud quality! Honestbee sent me rotten berries wtf damn jian πŸ˜’


    1. Yeahhhh I’m so excited heheh you should organise a picnic for your fam too, super fun way to spend time. πŸ€— I haven’t tried any grocery shopping online before, hopefully the items are fine! πŸ™ƒ


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