Life after CNY

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Trying to sort out the launches for the upcoming weeks with the factory still closed for their CNY break is soooooo tough. Sigh.

On the bright side, we do have quite a few pieces coming up which I think you guys would really love. LIKE, LOVEEEEEE. 😍

Next week we’re starting our photoshoots again and I’m feeling just the slightest twinge of anxiety. I KNOW. I need to get over it already!! 🙄🙄 I can’t believe we’re back to the usual swing of things already. Where did my holidays disappear to…?

On a break from new launches = me getting to wear some of my old favourites!

From TTR:

Jordyn Flare Sleeve Top in White, Cassidy Ruffles Shorts in Navy Pineapples


Both pieces are sadly OOS on site but I think we’re doing a round of restocks for Jordyn soon!

Been wanting to wear this combination for some time now. Heh. It matches so well with this round rattan bag which I got for an absolute steal from Ubud Market.

The pompoms didn’t come with this bag. It come with another bag I bought but I thought they looked cuter with this!

I bought a grand total of 4 (!!!) bags from Bali. No shame about that though. They all cost me less than SGD 20 each. What a bargain! 😌

Speaking of bargain, I’m REALLY bad at that. ZL had to step in and help me out after a while because he couldn’t stand watching me struggle anymore. Hahaha.

I can’t bargain for shit!

When I see something I like, I gotta have it. And it shows rather obviously on my face I think. LOL. And which stall owner is gonna let me slash the prices when “OMG I WANT IT” is written all over my face?😂

Anyway, here are some TTR news for you guys!

  • We’ve just opened up a ton of backorders – don’t say I never say!

Includes items like Lori Pleat Front Romper, Marco Pencil Skirt, Holly Dipped Hem Dress and lots more


  • Our annual ONLINE WAREHOUSE SALE is happening this Sunday (4 MAR) at 8PM!!

So we tried out an online warehouse sale for the first time last year and it was a blast! Great deals minus you having to queue for hours and possibly in the outdoor heat too.

You’ll find pieces as low as $5, and nothing goes past $25.

The price categories for this sale event are $5/10/15/20/25!


Will be having sneak peeks + ways to survive the sale on TTR’s ig stories. Keep your eyes peeled!! 👀

  • Some of you have been asking me “When will your next launch be?” “When is that dress launching?”

Well, our next launch will be on 11 Mar! (Edited: Due to some logistical issue, the next launch will be 14 Mar instead!!)

And this dress will see you on 14 Mar. 😉 👋🏻


Okay and that’s all to TTR news for now. Will be back here when I have more to share!


Life this week has been pretty chill.

Mainly just recalibrating my mental state back to work mode and trying to stay afloat of things happening around me. Also trying to get rid of holiday blues, and I think I’m getting there! I’m feeling flabby after a month of not working out, so that has gotta change as well. No time to lose, March is already here!

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