Idk why I’m wasting my 4G data to upload a pointless gif but that wriggly butt amuses me to no end.

Happy Friday, guys!

Update more later. ๐Ÿ˜š

So sick of the canteen food so I quickly thumbed through Deliveroo. Ended up ordering Soup Spoon.


How adventurous. ๐Ÿ˜‚ But hey, at least I ordered something different today. Added on the Garlic Focaccia, crossing my fingers and hoping it’ll turn out good!


Omg okay Deliveroo sucks as bad as Ubereats. App says my food has been delivered at 12.45pm but now it’s 12.55pm and there’s nothing…? I even opened my door to check if the driver left it outside but NOPE. GRRRR. WHERE THE DRIVER AT? DID HE EAT MY LUNCH…?!!

Another update:ย 

Deliveroo customer service guy told me he couldn’t get hold of the missing rider and will do a full refund to my card + do a free redelivery. Good customer service recovery there but now I gotta wait another 30 mins for my food.

Luckily I ordered it in advance, not when I’m already hungry.

Actually it’s not easy to be working as Deliveroo’s customer service… Imagine dealing with hundreds of displeased + HANGRY app users every day????? I really wonder what is their staff turnover rate like. LOL.

Final update on lunch:ย 


It’s funny how a satisfied tummy can make me a calm and peaceful person almost instantaneously.

ZL always laughs at how I “sulk” whenever I’m not getting fed in time. In my defence, I SO DO NOT SULK. Maybe just a lil moody and quiet (because trying to conserve energy), that’s all. ๐Ÿ˜‚

My mother saw this and asked “ไปŽๅ“ช้‡Œ้‡‡็š„?”

I wish. Lol.

Added a new cleanser + toner to my skincare routine recently and my skin really enjoys them!

I went to cart out 2 boxes of Special Care Mask from Waseyo for myself and they were so sweet to add these two items into my package.

Think I’m gonna head over and get the full sized items of these soon! These baby bottles are so cute tho. Perfect for travelling! Will probably use them for a while more before I properly share a post, heh.

You can use my code <JOYCE15> if you wish to get anything yeah? I gave some recommendations HERE! โœจ Still loving the Tahpre items a lot!

Again, do note that skincare works different for everybody and what works good for me, might not for you. Do read up on the ingredients and make sure you’re okay with them. And always do patch tests!!

Friday night.

Netflix and I. ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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