Sunday Fun 🍾

It’s been a peaceful weekend.

At ZL’s place right now and we’re just done with lunch and grocery shopping for the picnic later! 🥗🧀🥖🥨🥐🍳🥪

Hoho. Such fun.

Some snippets of shopping at IKEA earlier in the week, with the sissy!

The tagline is so cute – “The flattest gift ever”. So apt since most of IKEA’s furniture are packed in flat boxes pre-assembly!

We weren’t shopping with anything in mind specifically for the picnic. We kept our minds open! But as we went around IKEA, I pieced together some ideas I had in my head and eventually decided on a rustic botanical theme featuring sage green and white as the main colour palette, with touches of rattan elements.

What we had for a start.

Inside this mini IKEA bag there were also items from the food hall! I wanted a fuss free picnic so we got plenty of ready made food.

Coincidentally, I was dressed according to theme. 😇

One of the items I was eyeing on – a lightweight rattan coffee table – to get my rustic botanical theme going. But I had a budget to keep to so I put this purchase off, until I was done getting all my other items.

In the end, I had plenty leftover from my budget (IKEA items are all really pretty AND affordable), so I returned back to get this!

It was so nice to be visiting on a weekday. IKEA can get really crowded during the weekends.

I think these are new to IKEA. Didn’t see them the last time I was shopping here.

One whole section dedicated to rattan placemats!

😍😍😍 So cute. Even if I didn’t have a picnic to plan for, I would totally buy one and then find a use for it after that.Lolol.

(That’s whatever was left of my $1 curry puff. Haha.)

Was so pleased with my shopping spree and have been looking forward all week to this! 😌

Will be sharing more over IG and IG stories later~ Meanwhile, have the best Sunday, y’all!

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