Chambray Charms

Yknow I’m running out of post titles when I’m reusing TTR’s collection names. πŸ˜‚

How has your week been, friends?

For me, this week has been smooth sailing and one filled with happy vibes. A very productive one too, if I may add!

It’s rare that I’m blogging on a Sunday but ZL is cleaning the house and I’ve some time to myself. And suddenly realised that I have yet to post about this week’s collection! Heh. So here I am.

Saturday was fun and we managed to get so many things done!

– ZL got his retainers made

– Sent my 🐰 for grooming

– Checked out Tan Boon Liat building

– Had our fav Jin Hua fish soup 🐟 at Maxwell (contemplated heading to Nesuto lolol since it was so nearby but in the end we didn’t!!!!)

– Got my truffle fries cravings satisfied! 🍟

Asked on my try-on IG stories whether I should keep white or blue and it was 66% white!

This super easy slip-on-and-go shirt dress will be launched at 8pm tonight, y’all. ☺️

I love how oversized and slouchy it is. The 3/4 sleeve length is also perfection.

Mules are still my favourite on lazy weekends. This was one of the pairs which I got during my crazy shoe buying spree before CNY – the one night where I splurged on 4 pairs of new shoes. Hahaha. I got these in Nude too, you’ll see later when I post up another set of ootd.

In another episode of #shitZLsays… (gosh it’s been long!)

“Your shoes… What are you gonna hide inside them?”

“πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ You don’t understand fashion. These are ruffles and they’re cute!!”

Idk why but he is endlessly fascinated with all my ruffle-y items. LOL.

The (lighter) blue! I like how the nautical vibes are more evident on blue, as compared to white.

Still struggling to NOT keep this. Sigh.

It’s been long since I last did curls.

This piece is a surprise favourite for me!

Didn’t think I would like it THIS much. Jo and I ended up keep it in the dark shade of blue as well. I can see myself wearing this on beach/resort holidays!!

Check out the cute ruffle sleeve details! πŸ’›

Visited Merci Marcel with Jo on Friday and the waiter at the bar offered to take a photo for us. ☺️☺️

The iced latte was heavenly. I APPROVE. Heh.

We were staring longingly at the outdoor seating because the decor was sooo nice but the sun showed no mercy. πŸ˜‚

Sucha pretty brunch corner!

Gotta say tho, food was way overpriced. French toast for $17++??

I think this is why I’m hardly at cafes anymore.

It makes a pretty cafe for Sunday brunch with your girlfriends though!

Okay back to the previews!

Ruffle blouse, but in blue!

Wore this exact set on my try-on videos and got many of you asking about the top as well. Top’s coming up in 2-3 weeks’ time!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

This pair of pants is super cute and sassy! Perf with all your summer crop tops! 🌻

So much blues and whites in one preview post. Hahaha. But anyway, this is my favourite item from the collection tonight guys!!!!! πŸ˜‡

So so vacation worthy, this piece.

I actually brought it on my Bali trip, hahaha, but in white!

It’s my current go-to feel-good dress and I’ve been wearing it NON STOP, I swear. βœ‹πŸ»

Am heading out for late lunch with my love now and will be back later to share some lookbook photos! πŸ˜‰ Launch’s tonight at 8pm!

Talk to you guys in a bit~

Psst, Innisfree vivid creamy tint giveaway on 22 Mar post is still ongoing!


Till my next post~

Next weekend I’ll be taking a mini break, off to KL for a couple days of work, then Genting with ZL! ☁️ Cold weather here I come!

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