Today’s tea party 🌻

Something I’m still learning every day.

I enjoy sharing random quotes I chance upon all over the Internet, hoping that they come timely for some of you as they did for me!

Anyways, today is gonna be fun fun FUN cause I’ll be doing my IKEA project II with the sticky friend! More updates on IG stories later~ 👋🏻

From the other day when we went shopping for our tea party! Jaz was wearing the Holly Dipped Hem Dress and it inspired the theme of our tea party. We went for a general pastel/happy theme in the end, if you cannot already tell from this picture. 😂

We veered from the theme a little bit when we spotted a terracotta-ish throw… But we got that nonetheless and thought we could still make it work somehow. Hahaha.

Usually our meetups consist of food and chats (we can go on for HOURS, believe me) but this time round it was something different for us.

It was a chill and fun shopping trip in all, and we ended it off with an IKEA curry puff each. 😌💛

Still trying to get my picnic post out, will do that over the next couple of days before I proceed with the tea party blog post! 🌻 Meanwhile, long weekend is coming, hang in there friends!

(Shall post just one photo here as a sneak peek!)

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