1000km šŸš¦

It’s always so difficult to part ways after every trip we take together. šŸ˜©šŸ˜©

At the expense of me sounding like some lovesick teenager (some of my friends probably agree on this LOL), I felt so sad waving him off to work this morning before leaving for home myself.

Till the next trip~

We counted the other day and this was our 6th trip together! I guess we have travelled quite a fair bit together. Hehe.

On driving

Can’t believe we drove about a 1000km in my little red car which is already 11 years old.

“See, we made it! Told you I take good care of my car… I don’t abuse it.”

“All I can say is, Toyota cars are really very hardy.”


Poor ZL drove for the first leg of our trip because poor me was having insomnia the previous night and was not in the best condition to take over the wheel. I completely knocked out for a few hours on our way to KL, hahaha.

I did make it up by driving for half the journey on our way back from Genting > Malacca > JB > SG!

Not my first time driving outside of SG but the aggressive drivers on the NS highway made it a very daunting experience, and that’s taking into consideration that I have clocked close to 10 years of driving experience under my (seat)belt.

Guys, I’m not posting a photo of my side mirror. If you come close (to your screen) enough, you’ll spot this gross scaly lizard clinging on for dear life. It took a free ride on our side mirror from KL all the way to Genting.

One of the highlights of our trip because it resulted in a pretty hilarious video which I’m not going to show because it involves me screaming my head off. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

Other than that, our drive went well! There were jams here and there but it’s all good cause we’re rather good at entertaining each other. Lol.

Would we do another road trip again? Probably! But maybe somewhere else like Aussie or NZ!

On food

We ate so much rich food that towards the end of our trip, all we craved was simple and bland food. Like porridge.

This trip completely killed our healthy diets. šŸ’€

A popular Nasi Kandar stall in the Bangsar area which Ser Lyn brought us to. Go where the locals go and you’ll never go wrong.

Fun fact: I’ve never had Nasi Kandar, Nasi Briyani and Ayam Penyet before.

Lol. ZL always shakes his head at this. He thinks I’m not a true blue Singaporean. Hahaha. šŸ˜‚

But anyway! This was good!! I was very fascinated by the fact that it was served on a huge banana leaf, and after eating you fold the leaf into half to indicate that you’re done. Also, rice and sides were free flow. SAY WHAT??

Another popular spot – Village Park Restaurant. For their Nasi Lemak!

Ooooooooh so good.

This place was FLOODED with people when we were there on a Saturday morning. But the wait for the tables were short and food came quick. For only RM10, this huge plate of Nasi Lemak with juicy fried chicken and delicious sambal chilli was SUPER WORTH IT.

I’m not a huge fan of rice or heavy tasting food for breakfast (I NEED MY BREAD) but it definitely made my day to see the huge satisfied grin on ZL’s face when we were tucking into these.


Gindaco’s available in Genting so of course we had to try it!!

The churros with cream cheese filling opposite this was also really good, we had it TWICE this trip hahaha. How to not grow fat?????

Everyone goes to Genting to have the Burger & Lobster, right???

There’s a perpetual queue outside the restaurant but we picked a quiet hour so our wait was alright, around 15 minutes or so.

Wouldn’t say for sure that I would go back again because it didn’t blow my mind. Maybe the original outlet serves better food but I think the money could be better spent elsewhere!

It’s not bad, everything’s decent but I guess I expected more for the price we paid la. šŸ¤”

As you can tell, my post is heavily centred on food. LOL. We really didn’t do much other than eat. Chendol from Malacca’s Jonker 88!

Malacca was a spontaneous pit stop. Decided on heading there for lunch on our way home cause I’ve never been there before.

Popped by The Daily Fix (heard so much about this cafe spot!) since we were at Jonker Street to grab my daily fix.

I’ve been doing well in cutting my caffeine intake, I only drink half of my coffee nowadays. šŸ˜Œ This though, I slurped every single drop. SUPER AWESOME BREW. šŸ’Æ would recommend!

Ended our food-venture by having dinner at our usual JB zi char spot.


On random bits

Oh we went to the casino!


It was my first time at the casino and it was a pretty cool experience. So many bright lights, so many people crowding around tables, so much smoke inside. I found it hard to breathe. šŸ˜© I will never understand why people are allowed to smoke indoors. SO GROSS LEH.

Had a couple of hours of fun before deciding to head off!

Our only buy of the trip – 5 x adorable succulent plants!

Chanced upon a random lil plant shop along Jonker Street and bought them on a whim. ONLY RM4 each for the baby ones!

These bigger plants were also calling out to us but too difficult to bring home la haha.

The ones which I adopted!


I hope they don’t die like all my other office pet plants. I’ve been reading up about them and am pretty confident of caring for them. But we’ll see. šŸ˜³

And that’s about it for our first ever road trip together! šŸ’– Otw to a work trip right now, talk to you guys soon!

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