Disconnect / Connect

Waiting for my flight back to SG but it feels like there might (very) possibly be a delay because that’s just how it works πŸ™„ at this airport. Especially since the weather has gone a bit haywire today.

We stepped out into the streets and immediately pulled our jackets around us – temp check showed that it was 21 deg C!

ZL asked if it’s colder than Genting and surprisingly, yes, it feels a tad colder. LOL.

Feeling thankful that at least the VPN connection has been somewhat stable this trip, allowing me to stay connected to the world. πŸ˜‚ I’ve done some extensive catching up on social media, scrolling through IG, Dayre and FB.

It feels like I’ve been away for so long!

I still share about TTR updates but with regards to my daily life, I’m just not finding enough zest to share about. Haha. Work has been all consuming, you’ve no idea.

Things that I normally would share on my blog, I now keep them tucked away.

My camera roll count is not even increasing in numbers as fast as it used to. Maybe I just lost the momentum of having to document down everything in my life.

I haven’t had the excess energy or time to be on social media even as a passive reader on weekdays.

On weekends, I feel no need or desire to use my phone because ZL keeps me very entertained. If you realise, I almost always disappear once the weekends roll around. My contact with my phone is so minimal (batt lasts two days!!), the me from 5 years ago would never believe it. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Oh one of the rare times I use my phone on weekends would be when we both decide on “phone time”. He’ll be on FB/Youtube while I retreat into the comforts of Netflix. Otherwise, my phone is just like a… decorative item? LOL. Through him, I developed the good habit of not using my phone when I’m in the company of others, and have learnt to just enjoy the peace of moment and the presence of whoever I am with.

My friends can vouch for this!

A few of them have commented bemusedly, “ehh nowadays you don’t really use your phone anymore!” HAHAHA. Goes to show how bad I was at keeping my hands and eyes off my phone in the past.

Disconnecting feels good.

Try it someday!

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