Bright and sunny days

Lately I haven’t been posting up any outfit related posts because… #lazy. Not a good excuse, I know. But in between try-ons and ootd-taking under the unbearably cruel sun, I just could not muster the energy to craft blogposts about my outfits.

Until I wore this outfit out.

So much love for this!

This is how I would dress up for a weekend, if I were headed to town or somewhere nice but casual. But who am I kidding? I’m a total homebody whenever weekends roll around, hahaha.


Guys, meet my favourite fuss-free dress – Gillman Shirt Dress!

It’s already been launched for a while now, most backorder slots are already filled actually LOL. But this is the first time I’ve taken proper, nice photos in it.

Holler if you think we should bring in another round of backorders! Heh.

Had so much fun dressing up this piece. As much as I love printed pieces, I feel that solid colour apparels give me more room to play around with my accessories.

My theme for this outfit is – Everything Rattan!

Even my earrings, haha. But didn’t get close ups of it.

Bag is from Ubud Market in Bali, and the shoes… THE SHOES. I spotted them while doing personal shopping on my work trip and decided to bring them in!

They are the perfect marriage of elements which I am loving at the moment – mules and rattan.

These Que Sera Rattan Mules are comfortable, of perfect height and I can walk around in them FOREVER. I am very picky with shoes so you can be assured that they are of very pristine quality.

I haven’t sold shoes before (because picky and most shoes cannot meet my standards) so I surprised even myself when I decided to try and bring them in and see how it goes.

Looks super cute with my rattan bag, don’t you think?

It will make a very good companion for vacations! Or your vacation-inspired outfits!

Off the top of my head, they will pair off nicely with the chambray series items which we have been launching for the past few weeks!

There are two colours and guess who kept both? 🙊


I also put up a few other items for sale since I had some free time on hand. Will post the photos here and link them up for you as well!

Sun Please Sun Hat

Greetings From Sun Hat

Escape Carry-all Tote Bag in Navy

Already on backorder, I didn’t expect it to be so popular! I also reopened backorders for the White piece. Limited slots only! 😌

Alright guys, I gtg! This week’s collection is also gonna be really exciting. We’re having polka dots! See ya on my try-on ig stories~ 🙌🏻

7 thoughts on “Bright and sunny days

  1. I missed reading your Dayre so much I started reading your old 2017 posts!!! I hope I make it a habit to come by your WordPress. 🙂 Or have you be back on Dayre when its future is more certain!


    1. Aww man Alison you make me feel wistful about not writing on Dayre anymore! I’m not sure if I will ever go back to writing on Dayre, it somehow feels a lil foreign now. Haha. We’ll see again when Dayre’s future is more concrete!


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