It’s been so long since I last wrote anything while having one of my insomnia episodes. I’ve actually been blessed with untroubled sleep these days so this is really rare.

I’ve realised that the words/images/videos I expose myself to before bedtime impacts my sleep directly. So usually, I’ll catch up on a few episodes of Friends (best series everrrrr) and they’re so lighthearted that they put me in a good mood right before I sleep.

Today though, I was reading something mildly depressing and my brain went haywire right before I switched off my lights to sleep. 3 hours later, I’m still wide awake.

ZL called me just a while ago and belted out some Lion King song randomly, which made me laugh really hard and that kinda chased away those random dark thoughts for a bit. He’s always singing me these random songs and saying weird things which amuse me to no end.

Am now right at the cusp of feeling the slightest bit of sleepiness and yet still being relatively alert. But I know once I put my phone away, I’ll be fully awake again. My sleep mechanism annoys me sometimes.

The worst thing about this sleeplessness is – I have a full day shoot I have to wake up to tomorrow.

Recently I’ve been toying with thoughts of going back to write on Dayre.. But I’ve brushed them off repeatedly (even though I go in every now ans then just to snoop around and read my fav writers) because I’m not used to it anymore.

I don’t know how to start.

And it seems like a much less comforting place nowadays. I feel like I don’t have that many opinions or experiences to create interesting content on Dayre..? Each time I wanna write about something, I’ll do rounds of filtering and self censoring in my head until there isn’t anything much left which is worth sharing. Haha.

Anyway, WordPress feels nice too.

Unknowingly, I’ve penned down quite a number of posts ever since I migrated here from Dayre! Although it’s less day-to-day and less frequent (hoho) compared to Dayre la.

I feel less pressure to come up with “legit” content here, I write whenever and whatever I want.

For TTR previews, I’ve been doing try-ons over at IG stories a couple of months back! It’s fun and I enjoy doing that so I guess I’ll be keeping at that for a while. It’s usually every Thursday but when shitty shipment gets delayed, I do them on Fridays instead.

As for personal life, it’s gonna take some time before I mark clear lines on what I wanna share and what are definite no-nos, so until I work that out… It’s gonna be sporadic updates like this.

Talk to you guys soon, gonna try and catch some sleep! 💖

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