Work In Progress…

The Proposal (Working on it!)

It’s been almost 3 months since ZL and I got our boyfriend/girlfriend status upgraded to fiancé/fiancée.

I thought it would be nice to have the proposal documented somewhere, in words. Instagram seems too fast paced for me to write in length, and Dayre honestly seems like a pretty sad place to be right now. So I gave this space a mini revamp (hello, more storage!) and thought I’ll start writing again. Many people have been requesting for me to share about the proposal, the house buying process etc and I promise to share as much as I can possibly do.

Along with the proposal comes the planning of the wedding, buying our first home (done!), planning for renovation. That’s a whole lot of planning to be done for someone who sucks at planning. Coupled with the major events we have ongoing at work this year, 2019 looks real PACKED. But at the same time, I can’t wait to get everything started.

So far it’s been a fun ride which gets slightly overwhelming at times, with the plethora of choices for everything!

Both ZL and I are having extremely busy calendars for July and we only have 2 weekends to squeeze in as many wedding/home related appointments as we can without burning out.

We’re hoping to have our renovation completed by end of this year so that we can move in and start our housewarming sessions in time for the festive seasons ahead! On the wedding front, we’re looking at April 2020.

So to make all the above happen, this weekend we have:

  • A save-the-date shoot at Amara Sentosa (wanted to do it during the staycay weekend but poor ZL fell so sick that we had to cancel)
  • Attending ID fairs just to check out the different companies on the market and understand the work flow
  • Wedding bands appointments
  • Wedding venue appointment
  • Meet-up with potential photographer

Work wise, we’re having our third outlet opening at Suntec City in August!

2019 seems to be my craziest year yet. But I’m loving and embracing every minute of it!

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