Wedding and House Things

We fought an intense battle the past weekend to get as many crucial things checked off our list as we could.

Captured by a dear friend at Amara Sanctuary because we (or rather, I) wanted some nice shots to use for our Save The Dates.

Woke up bright and early on 6am for breakfast and makeup. I get really cranky if I don’t have food in my tummy so I make sure to wake up at least 2 hours before I have to leave the house for any event, just so that I can have my breakfast and prep for the day in a leisurely manner.

I initially scheduled for this shoot to happen during our Engagement Staycation at Amara Sanctuary. But alas, someone fell really sick during that same weekend and I decided to call off the shoot. Thankfully the Amara Sanctuary team was really generous about letting us shoot on their grounds again, on a separate weekend.

Gonna share some photos of my staycation here too! Had too many good memories of my stay there!

We were given the Couple Suite which had direct access to the BEAUTIFUL infinity pool! Definitely recommend booking the Couple Suite if you’re looking to spend on a staycation weekend. It’s the kind of accommodation that makes me want to spend more time staying in rather than heading out for other activities.

I got my sisters to stay with me for the first night, and ZL came for the second night. But he ended up sadly not being able to enjoy the room as much since he ran a really high fever.

Cannot even recall the exact details of what we did, but we managed to spend some rare quality time with each other. It’s funny how we work together in the same office and still live together under the same roof, but somehow life is just too fast moving for us to even communicate with each other properly most of the times.

We def spent quite a bit of time lounging by the pool!

The short walks we took between the hotel restaurant and our suite were so enjoyable!

The sight which greeted us when we entered the room. WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS AT ALL. So much effort by the Amara Sanctuary team to decorate the room for me! :’)))) They even printed out photos from my IG feed! Such a nice personalised touch.

The blueberry vanilla cake was really delicious as well. We had it as a midnight snack while Netflix-ing, haha. We were also really amazed when the entire cake managed to fit into the hotel bar fridge JUST NICE.

Okay back to our Save The Date shoot.

It was actually the first time we were actually being photographed properly by someone. Most of our travel photos were taken by a tripod and using the camera timer function.

So prior to the shoot, I didn’t know what to expect. LOL. The photos turned out really nice thanks to my friend Bryan who was really good at what he does. But ZL and I concluded that we’re not people who are good with lovey dovey posey shots and we were kinda relieved that we made the call of not doing prewed shots even before this casual shoot happened. Hahaha.

This looks posed but it was not. It was one of those “in between poses” shot which looks more natural than when we purposefully tried to pose.

I am quite particular about the editing style of the photos so I told Bryan that I can do it myself. As in, I know what I like and I know how to achieve it. So post processing of the photos are done by me. I like the idea of B&W photos for wedding shoots so I chose some of them to edit in B&W!

As usual, he prefers not to have his face posted on my socials so I picked out the ones which I can share.

The rest will be used for Save The Dates and also probably the reception table at our wedding venue. Heh.

Things we also checked off our list last weekend – spoke to 4 different IDs to get quotations, had our first appointment for wedding bands customising, met a photographer and also did a tentative booking for the wedding venue!

Our progress is looking good if I may say so myself. Will check in here again when I have more things to share, or when I get my proposal post done.

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