Some Beauty Reviews

Feeling the adrenaline rush this week as we open our 3rd (and largest yet!) TTR store.

Let me just insert a little plug here – find us at Suntec City North Wing #01-467! We’re open daily from 11am – 9.30pm! Nearest carpark lobby H/J!

Look at this cute sitting area set up near our shop front!

I suppose there will be more for me to update once we get the soft opening weekend and grand opening weekend down pat. So I’ll come back with another post about the store soon (hopefully)!

Today, I wanna share about some exciting new beauty buys which I scored recently. It’s been so long since I last talked about makeup/skincare!! It’s still one of the things in life that I’m passionate about, only wish I had time to do it more often!

I previously cleared away a whole lot of rarely used items from my skincare/beauty drawers. And since there’s more space now, I haven’t been holding back on shopping LOL. That’s bad guys. I can’t imagine how much storage space I’m gonna have to craft out for all my things at my new place.

The insane number of brushes I own. LOL.

The first item I’m going to be sharing about has been posted on my IG stories over the past weekend – Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser.

I’m someone who owns many makeup brushes. But I am also someone with no patience to wait for my brushes to dry after washing them. So I usually wash them in small batches (so that I can still have some dry brushes to use!). Confession: I have never ever seen all my brushes clean at the same time. Hahaha. Until now.

So anyway, I chanced upon this Instant Brush Cleanser while browsing the Sephora app one day and decided to give it a shot after reading some reviews.

The videos on IG story (under Beauty highlight) probably shows the cleansing ability/process much better so you guys can go over and check it out.

I’m so impressed by how instant it really is, and how I can use my brushes minutes after cleansing! The only drawback for me is the price point, and that it takes quite a bit of effort to pour the solution onto a cotton pad, swirl the bristles against the cotton pad, then use a clean tissue to wipe off the excess.

The results though…. ARE SO WORTH IT. I can foresee myself replenishing this cleanser already. Definitely recommend you to purchase it if you’re looking for an instant cleanser that does the job well!

I buy more brushes so that I can rotate them BUT with this cleanser, you can clean your brushes every day/after each use so that solves the problem of having to rotate brushes for different makeup shades!

I got this Estee Lauder set with 8 products at SGD 112, super worth!!!

(Belatedly realised that it’s a bit pointless of me to talk about this now cause it’s no longer avail on the Sephora app CRIES)

I have never owned any makeup items from Estee Lauder before, so I bought this on a adventurous whim. And also because I thought that the marketing concept behind this box of curated products was very interesting.

It’s called the Beautiful Belle – Le Chic Wedding Makeup Set!

The items inside the box is supposed to work together and give a glowy bridal makeup look! I’m normally not a fan of bridal makeup looks (they’re too blushy/girly for my liking) but the colours of the makeup items inside are surprisingly up my alley.

I think this box is probably limited, as well as some of the items inside. So I couldn’t find any swatches online. Even Sephora’s product listing had a pathetic one photo. LOL. Glad I took a leap of faith with this one.

Also got this from the Sephora app. I haven’t seen it in stores so it might be an online exclusive? IDK. I’m guessing. Got it last week so this is a pretty recent buy!

The price is super attractive for the number of full sized items I got in the box.

The more “boring” items first.

I think the primer is a full sized and it seems pretty sizeable! My face doesn’t take well to radiant/dewy products so I think I’ll skip the primer and pass it to a friend who suits it more.

Brow gel is clear, which I don’t have. My brow gels are all tinted. So I’ll give it a shot! And the mascara is waterproof (hahaha in the brochure it says in case you cry when you read your vows). The mascara is one of the full sized products in the box!

Soft Glow For Lips and Cheeks in La Rosé

Also full sized! I think this works as a creme highlighter of some sort?

Not a fan of the sticky finish! The sheen is also very subtle. Or maybe I need to find out what’s the proper way to work this product. Lol. I only tested it on my hand but hmmmm so far I’m not impressed.

Their eyeshadow palette states full sized but the pans are tiny. Like teeny weeny compared to my other eye palettes. But anyway, nobody ever hits pan on eyeshadows right? Hahahaha.

All matte shades, very usable daily colours! I’m not too sure about how blend-able they are, haven’t tried them on my lids yet.

Such gentle, mellow colours.
The top swatch has a sheen, bottom swatch is matte!

I love the blush + blush topper combination! They’re so universal and easy for any skin tone to carry off. Let’s hope that they last on the skin. Like the eye palette, this was “full sized” but looks pretty mini to me as well.

My fav item from the Estee Lauder box – lipstick!

This lipstick gives a rich satin finish and feels moisturising when I swatched it on my hand. It’s a really pretty dusty rose kinda shade and I’m so happy about it!!! I always feel that value boxes come with colours which are less nice so this box was a nice surprise, with so many items that comes in wearable (for me) colours!

I usually prefer my makeup in warm/nude shades and this box is full of that. LOVE!

This mini perfume bottle is sooooo adorable!!

I think the whole point of the box was to promote this perfume if I’m not wrong. The box was named after this scent!

I took a whiff and unfortunately this is the kind of scent which would (very) likely give me a terrible headache. Hahaha. I’m too sensitive to smells. Grrr. Will be passing this on to my sister!

If you’re keen to check out the box, I think Sephora still has the other variation (called something bohemian I think), also by Estee Lauder. But the products in that box seems less worth it imo!

Overall, more hits than misses so I’m happy! 🥰❤️

I do have more beauty products to share but I think I’ll publish this first. Otherwise this post will never see the light of the day.

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