Beginning 30s

I just heard on the radio today that “30s is the new 20s”… But I beg to differ. I think 30s is going to be the better version of 20s.

One more day till I enter the big 3 0 club!

The 20s has been a whirlwind but I can’t wait to enter 30s and get more settled in life. 🙂

My first birthday gift this year, courtesy of the sister!

The topic of birthday gifts came up for me these 2 days… So I’m someone who really appreciates gifts BUT I’m also someone whom people have difficulties getting gifts for because I “already have everything” – their words, not mine.

So the easiest solution is to go shop together with the sister, since she has no idea what to get me. LOL.

We were in town for several meetings today and in between them, we had the luxury of time to go shopping.

Walked past Pedro and entered the shop on a whim. I have only ever shopped there 3 times in my life maybe? But the VM was calling out to me so in we went!

I was initially intimidated by the unconventional colour combination of this bag and almost went for the mustard/camel/cream version. But I eventually picked it up and was surprised that it went sooooo well with my outfit.

Started pairing my outfits with this bag in my head and decided that “YUPP THIS GOES WITH 60% OF MY WARDROBE” so I told Jo that she can get the bag for me as my birthday present. Hehe.

In the end, I was the happiest not about this bag (altho I reallyyyyy love it) but more of the fact that I convinced her to get a little black bag which I foresee she’ll get so much mileage of! And also because she doesn’t treat herself enough. So I was extra happy while walking of out Pedro today. The service was also really pleasant so it made such a good shopping trip!

I started packing and decluttering my bag wardrobe the other day so that I could have a better idea the amount of storage space I need for my new home.

“Why do you need so much space? You have a lot of things meh?” says ZL.

“Yesssss omg you have no idea. I have too many interests. I love makeup, love skincare, love shoes, love bags, love reading, love baking, love photography, love dressing up. So that means I own a lot of things you know????”

“Okok…. Then I throw away all my things so that you have space.”

There goes his dreams of owning a minimalist home. Hahahaha.

I’m off to enjoy the last bit of my 20s… Talk soon!!

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