Weekend snippets

Trying something new with Sissy today! Excites! Back to SG, back to my favourite kind of guilt-free meals. It's really so tough trying to eat clean/healthy when I'm travelling. 😭 After a week of unhealthy eating (whatever I want), I'm all ready to embrace the salad life. 🥗 (YAY thanks IG stories for new stickers [...]

Chambray Charms

Yknow I'm running out of post titles when I'm reusing TTR's collection names. 😂 How has your week been, friends? For me, this week has been smooth sailing and one filled with happy vibes. A very productive one too, if I may add! It's rare that I'm blogging on a Sunday but ZL is cleaning [...]

His mum

His mum

This was how my morning started. A cup of my usual coffee. Salted egg yolk cookies from Sugar & Tease, gifted by ZL's mum. Can you see that it's already more than half gone? 😋 And I only just opened it yesterday! It's so crumbly and crazily addictive. I love how they added grounded laksa [...]