Food for thought

When we force ourselves to stay positive at all times, we deny the existence of our life's problems. And when we deny our problems, we rob ourselves of the chance to solve them and generate happiness. Problems add a sense of meaning and importance to our lives. "One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle [...]

#motivationMonday, even though Monday is almost over already. 👋🏻 ZL's otw to get us some chocolate pies from Mcd's. IF YOU HAVEN'T TRIED, YOU ARE SORELY MISSING OUT. (Yes, so good that I gotta CAPS hahaha.) My second time within the week! #sorrynotsorry I don't ever remember making trips to Mcd's so frequently, except maybe [...]

Sunday Fun 🍾

Sunday Fun 🍾

It's been a peaceful weekend. At ZL's place right now and we're just done with lunch and grocery shopping for the picnic later! 🥗🧀🥖🥨🥐🍳🥪 Hoho. Such fun. Some snippets of shopping at IKEA earlier in the week, with the sissy! The tagline is so cute - "The flattest gift ever". So apt since most of [...]

Back from Bali!

Just got back from Bali and to realising that majority of the people I follow on Dayre have already shifted/exported their posts to WordPress. What a difference a week makes in the world of social media! Haven't checked out the exporting function for myself but I'll probably do so tonight, after I wrap up my [...]

CNY Store Exclusive

It's 2 more days to CNY 🍊🐶 and we've just dropped some store exclusive designs. If you're still in search of CNY outfits. Hehe. Thought it would be fun to have this piece as store exclusive so that it'll bring some excitement to you girls a few days leading up to CNY! We'll be open [...]