I’ve been a looooooot more active on IG stories lately because... THE GIF STICKERS ARE SO CUTE! 😱 Wanton mee story also wanna add gif sticker. 😂😂 My current fav one is this peach squishing it’s cheeks. HOW CUTE....!!!! 🍑 Awwww my babyyyyyyyy. 😂😂😂 Yesterday, while carrying restocks to the store, the handle of the [...]

Sometimes, I cannot wrap my mind around how incredibly rude/self entitled/sour some people can be. If your account is private, does it mean that it is okay for you to toss callous comments? Because there are no repercussions since you’re hiding behind a veil of anonymity? If you are a potential/paying customer, does it mean [...]

Dis me Also me 😂 Some thoughts in my head before bed 💭 Some people feel absolutely no pride in their jobs. They just want something easy breezy, something they can put in minimal effort and commitment WHILE getting paid. I cannot agree with this and never will. I stand by the belief that, if [...]